According to British Cycling, the sport’s UK governing body, more than two million people across the UK now cycle at least once a week, the highest number ever. (1) The growth of cycling as the national hobby has coincided with the staycation, meaning holiday-makers are choosing to take their bikes with them when they travel. But why has the VW camper van proved such a spopular touring vehicle for cyclists?

The Middle-Aged Man in Lycra

The rise of the rather deprecatingly named Middle-Aged Man/Woman in Lycra may have something to do with the gold medals won by the GB cycling team in the Beijing and London Olympics, and Tour de France winners Sir Bradley Wiggins and Chris Froome. This, coupled with the increased focus on health and fitness and the government’s Cycle To Work scheme, which allows people to buy bikes tax-free, meant cycling quickly gained popularity. In the last decade, professional cycling has been back in the British consciousness and getting out on your bike again is a good way to Go Explore, as we say here at Salop Leisure!

For many Britons, cycling is now their sport, their hobby, their lifestyle choice. Determined not to do anything by halves, a gentle Sunday ride may not cut it anymore. For road cycling enthusiasts, who decide to do cycling “properly”, they need the latest carbon fibre bikes, high-vis outfits, GPS and fitness apps. The MAMIL/MAWIL seems unstoppable…

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Touring with your bike

Whether you’ve got all the gear or just fancy pottering around the countryside, bikes make a brilliant addition to a touring holiday. They make exploring the UK a lot easier, allowing you to travel further than you could on foot, without having to take your vehicle and find a place to park. They are also environmentally-friendly and again great for your health, meaning you could go away on holiday and come back fitter than when you left!

VW Camper Vans

The VW camper van has proved a popular choice with keen cyclists, combining the key aspects of transport and accommodation in one compact vehicle. No need to hook up a caravan to a car – who needs a car when you have your bike?! There’s nothing better than ending a day’s biking through beautiful towns and countryside than by returning to a warm van with all mod cons and a lift-up roof for a spacious interior.

Bike storage with a VW camper van is easy, too. A bike rack is the safest option, but the camper van has plenty of space for storage inside while you travel. The bikes can then be chained outside while you are parked during your stay. One tip to consider: if you are holidaying near the sea, do cover the bikes. The salt air may make them rust quickly!

Smale, W. (2016) Pedal Power – the unstoppable growth of cycling. BBC News

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