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Caravan holidays are soaked in a history of freedom, possibility, and romance. For some, however, they also come with ideas of bland design and cramped facilities. However, when you explore the models being rolled out from manufacturers across the world, modern caravans proudly bring new elements of elegance and style. The events of the global pandemic have awoken a growing interest in these self-contained holiday homes, ready to take the road at any moment and carry their owners on comfortable journeys at their own pace and schedule.

This invigorated interest in touring caravan ownership sits alongside swings in design towards more compact living, and today’s models may be reminiscent of a trendy loft space that offers clever adaptations to suit modern life. Alternatively, it’s just as easy to find a vehicle with comforting, cosy interiors that can make any corner of the world feel like home. The touring caravans and motorhomes described below come from a wide range of companies, some available in the UK.

1. Swift Elegance



British manufacturers are leading the charge towards new heights of luxury in the market, with Yorkshire-based Swift creating high-class and innovative units with all mod cons. The premier tourer Elegance range offers a superb specification where features like a dimmable LED lighting system, spa-style bathroom and underfloor heating make every trip a pleasure.

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2. Adria Astella



The Adria Astella is another stunning example of how far touring caravan design has come. This spacious unit focuses on pure luxury in a simple environment. There are no unnecessary details here, it’s all about generating a calm environment that can be flexible to any environment. Integrated appliances and high-quality upholstery add to the high-class feel, making any of the four models available a great choice for a caravan connoisseur.

3. Coachman VIP



The Coachman VIP single axle touring caravan model bring notes of light, airy comfort to high-specification touring caravan style. This range offers choice and flexibility, with five different configurations, and user-friendly details like extra worktop space and deeper cupboards. Coachman has gone the extra mile to make this caravan elegant and luxurious, from chrome bathroom fittings to 3D exterior graphics.

4. Airstream Flying Cloud



AirStream have long been the gold standard for those with a taste for life on the open road. These reliable symbols of Americana have moved with the times and the latest Flying Cloud 30FB Office model, complete with a corner office, makes modern nomadic life practical and appealing. These units are built with the highest levels of quality and durability in mind, as well as a focus on family living expressed through airy living space for rest and relaxation.

5. ARC Teardrop

The ARC Teardrop deserves its place on any list of stunning caravan designs. This small but perfectly formed member of the Airstream family weighs in at just 750kg and measures just 10ft x 5ft so it’s easily stored and can be transported without a towing license. The muted colour range makes these bedrooms on wheels easily blend into the countryside and its powder-coated aluminium, not plastic, construction makes it a great choice for the eco-friendly.

6. Easy Caravanning TakeOff

Easy caravanning Takeoff

Easy caravanning interior

The Easy Caravanning TakeOff model is another ground-breaking innovation that turns the idea of tourer caravans on its head. These ultra-light units from the Dutch manufacturer promise to be ready to camp in just 30 seconds, and include an awning extension that turns the system into a spacious and practical tent with extra sleeping capacity to accommodate a growing family. Flexible design options allow adventurers to create their own perfect style, offering a small but smart answer to life on the open road.

7. Beauer 2X and 3X



Beauer has never been a brand to shy away from innovation and has now created a magical caravan that is able to expand telescopically when parked. The caravan triples in size in a cylinder shape, ensuring all interior furniture can be stacked and folded with ease when the caravan needs to close again. The 2X model comfortably sleeps two people whereas the 3X and 3X Plus models can sleep between 4-6 people.

8. Bowlus Endless Highways Performance Edition



The Bowlus Endless Highways Performance Edition has an eye-catching design, inspired by a sleek, silver bullet, that is almost identical to the original model of the trailer which was created in the 1930s. Not just impressive on the outside, the trailer has a spacious and elegant interior that is hand-crafted. You'd be forgiven for thinking Bowlus has taken inspiration from Airstream, but Airstream actually modelled their caravans on Bowlus designs.

9. ICC Offroad Flip90 Trailer



German manufacturing company ICC Offroad create incredible transformations and breathe new life into trucks and machinery, turning them into trailers suitable for outdoor adventures. The Flip90 Trailer is inspired by origami and unfolds to boast an impressive living space of 6.5 sqm. A smaller version of this unique trailer is available and can be transported by a pick-up truck.

10. Land Ark Draper



The Land Ark Draper may look like a tiny home, but it amazingly fits within RV regulations. The trailer was created by Lank Ark and Brian Buzarde who live in Colorado in their own prototype model so the caravan is equipped with all the home comforts you would expect to make full-time residency comfortable. The Draper is better suited to long stays rather than frequent travelling and has a large deck that can be folded away when the trailer is in motion, further increasing the living space of the model.

11. LUME Traveler


Lum interior

As you would expect from a Dutch manufacturer, the LUME Traveler is a practical and elegant design packed with space-saving innovations and storage options. The best feature of the stainless-steel camper is perhaps its skylight which allows its inhabitants to sleep under the stars whilst being kept warm and cosy by the felt-lined walks of the camper. The model is available in multiple sizes, including a bathroom-less model and a model with an exterior kitchen.

12. Oregon Trailer TerraDrop

Oregon 1

Oregon 2

While the Oregon Trailer TerraDrop may look adorable, it fits an impressive amount of storage in its compact size. The trailer boasts both internal and external storage and fits a comfortable double bed. The TerraDrop is designed to be rugged and can therefore be transported across uneven terrain with ease. For fans of tiny trailers, the brand also manufacturers the FronTear which is an even smaller model in the shape of a teardrop.

13. OzXCorp E-RV

OrX Corp

Designed for exhilarating off-grid adventures in the Outback, the OzXCorp E-RV is an impressive trailer made in Australia. The caravan is self-sufficient and is home to a number of impressive features such as solar cells which replace a traditional generator system. The interior can be adapted to different needs and can be altered into bunk beds or a spacious double bedroom. The composite body is tough and raised on twin axles.

14. Polydrops P17


Although it may have started as simply an idea for a thesis project, the P17 model is now a fully-functional reality and is manufactured in Southern California by Polydrops. Although compact, the tear drop-inspired shape of the trailer is spacious and can be used on off-grid trips thanks to its solar cells and battery storage. The trailer also has multiple built-in homely touches such as a Bluetooth sound system and an external kitchen space.

15. Procamp Bushcamp Explorer

Procamp Bushcamp Explorer

Pro camp interiors

Procamp is a company based in Slovakia famous for creating compact trailers. The Procamp Bushcamp Explorer is packed with incredible features such as innovative storage space and bespoke cabinetry. The trailer can extend to have an external kitchen and is tough and durable, making it suitable to be transported across rough terrain.

16. RV2035 Concept by Jason Carley

RV2035 Concept

The RV2035 was designed as a concept by Jason Carley, a US-based designer. Carley tasked himself with the mission to explore the limits of flexibility within teardrop trailers and to create a multifunctional trailer that was well suited to the modern traveller. He achieved this by creating a trailer that can unfold, using an innovative stretchy fabric, which can quickly and easily increase the floor space of the model. Due to its expanding capabilities, the trailer can comfortably fit three bedrooms, a bathroom and kitchen space.

17. Winnebago Hike 100

Winnebago Hike 100

Winnebago interior

Winnebago is one of the most well-known caravan brands in America. The company has been creating RVs and trailers in Minnesota since 1958 and continues to push the limits of caravan design. The Hike 100 is one of the most compact models ever created by the brand at just 16 ft in length. Despite its small size, the Hike 100 is able to home three berths, a bathroom and a kitchen, in addition to space to store equipment such as canoes or mountain bikes.

Whether you have discovered a newfound love for caravans during the pandemic or simply wanted to check out different styles of caravans and trailers used around the globe, we hope you have found our list of the top touring caravans and travel trailers!