Caravan Storage

While scaremongering does nobody any favours, it is always healthy to take stock of the facts. According to the Camping and Caravanning Club, the number of caravans stolen in the UK has reached around 1,200 a year. That means it’s time to take caravan security seriously.

Leaving your caravan at home can provide reassurance in kind. Knowing that the vehicle is parked nearby might feel better, but in a lot of cases, thieves are presented with the type of opportunities they are looking for. Night time offers criminals their cover of darkness to operate under, and we have also seen an increasing number of brazen caravan theft incidents carried out in the day time, which shows just how easy it can be for caravans to end up in the wrong hands.

As a caravan owner, one of the most compelling solutions available to you is caravan storage, and in this blog, we expand on the key benefits which storing your caravan at a dedicated, secure pitch can offer.

A range of security features

The variety of different security measures which are typically employed at the best caravan storage sites – as well as facilities which also offer campervan storage and motorhome storage -  can make it near impossible for thieves to strike. One of the most successful security elements is alarmed fencing, which provides a security shield around the entire caravan storage site. This is an incredibly effective means of protecting storage areas and deterring thieves from even attempting to trespass on the facility.

CCTV is also a common feature which you can expect at most accredited caravan storage facilities. Recorded camera footage is a way of monitoring the site at all times, and is another major deterrent to criminals. You can rely on the leading caravan storage facilities to have full site CCTV coverage.

Whether in daylight hours or around the clock, caravan storage sites also provide a physical presence in the form of reception staff, and in some cases are manned with security professionals. These teams can monitor CCTV footage and access, while also responding to the queries and requests of caravan owners.

Electronic entry systems are another way of ensuring that only the right people can enter caravan storage sites, giving unknown individuals little chance of making onto the premises via conventional means.

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A dedicated pitch

Struggling for parking spaces at home or in your local area? Although we love them, caravans can sometimes be a challenge to park in urban or suburban districts, particularly where parking your caravan on your driveway is concerned. Caravan storage facilities offer dedicated pitches which mean you will never be frantically scrambling for a spot, or squeezing your car in due to the lack of remaining space.

Easy access

While caravan storage and campervan storage sites are designed to be as secure as possible, they are not closed compounds which offer no access to owners. You will be able to visit your caravan – what varies between facilities are the hours of access. Caravan owners can typically access their vehicle during day time business hours, although some sites may offer 24/7 access. Ensure that you know the days and hours when access is offered and that they fit with your requirements.

Save on insurance premiums

Choose the right caravan storage site for your vehicle, and you could enjoy the benefit of reduced caravan insurance rates. Caravan insurance providers make discounts based on the level of security provided by each site. The Caravan Storage Site Owners' Association (CaSSOA) has devised an accreditation scheme which recognises three levels of security on caravan storage sites – Bronze, Silver and Gold.

The level of accreditation awarded to each site is based on an assessment undertaken by an experienced risk surveyor, which is why the scheme is respected by insurance companies. You can expect the biggest insurance savings to be offered to owners of caravans stored at Gold Award-accredited facilities.The Salop Leisure Caravan Storage Facility is the holder of a CaSSOA Gold Award, making it one of the most secure caravan storage sites in the UK.

On-site servicing

Why not kill two birds with one stone? Should your caravan need any work doing – from routine maintenance to specific repairs – this can be arranged on site at some caravan storage facilities, including the Salop Leisure Caravan Storage Facility. It saves you having to tow the caravan to a workshop in order to have it serviced, as all the expertise and manpower required is available at the facility where your caravan is parked.

On-site servicing really comes in handy ahead of the holiday season, allowing you to ensure your caravan is in good condition before heading away.

Other amenities

The perks don’t stop there at the leading caravan storage sites. You can enjoy on-site power washing, which allows you to save time by having your caravan cleaned on the spot, rather than needing to tow it to a car wash. There also may be waste disposal points, meaning you can give your vehicle a good old clean both inside and out, before taking to the roads. It all adds up to the perfect location to prepare your caravan for the days of adventure and relaxation ahead.

Choice of pitch surface and shelter

The various caravan, campervan and motorhome types can be conducive to different surfaces. Caravan storage facilities offer the choice of grass, or harder surfaces such as gravel and tarmac – the decision is yours. The same goes for the level of shelter you require. You can find some indoor storage sites, and it should be remembered that the outdoor alternatives are not necessarily any less secure.

Home security

In some cases, taking advantage of a caravan storage facility may actually tighten the security of your home. Caravans or motorhomes which are parked at home risk leaving a clue to prospective thieves when they are not there, indicating that you have gone on holiday. This could make your home more vulnerable.

Flexible pricing

When it comes to paying for your own pitch at a caravan storage facility, you don’t need to tie yourself into a long-term financial commitment or reservation. That’s because there are flexible pricing plans which extend from three months up to six and 12 months. If it does suit you to sign up for a whole year, you can expect to enjoy discounted rates.

So those are some of the key benefits which today’s best caravan storage sites offer. You can be uncompromising on the security of your caravan while enjoying a range of other advantages in the process – so what’s not to like?

If you are asking yourself “how do I find some caravan storage near me?”, know that the CaSSOA Gold Award-accredited Salop Leisure Caravan Storage Facility provides the highest level of site security in the UK. The purpose-built site offers you reassurance, convenience and the chance to save on your caravan insurance premiums.