Caravan Storage Tips

In order to be a happy camper, you need a happy touring caravan or motorhome. If your caravan or motorhome is crammed full of clutter, drawers that are threatening to burst, and a wardrobe exploding at the seams, you’ve got a problem. A caravan strewn and stuffed with stuff is not a solid recipe for a relaxing, stress-free holiday. We’ve assembled some storage tricks to make the most of the limited space in your home away from home. To all experienced caravaners please do share your own creative space saving solutions on our Facebook page or comments box below.

Step 1: Dump The Junk.

Before you park your caravan or motorhome in storage for the winter, take this opportunity to do some decluttering and deep cleaning. This will not only keep your caravan in tip top shape and free of pests, it will ensure you and the family are off to a smoother start on your first outing next year. Begin the process by taking inventory of the possessions you keep in your caravan or motorhome. Are the things stashed in drawers, cabinets, lockers, and wardrobes actually useful to you on the road? Do you really need six folding chairs?

A good rule to follow: if you haven’t used something once in the last season, it’s time to get rid of it. Space is such a premium in your caravan or motorhome; the decluttering process is crucial to wind down each season of travel. Sure it might be nice to have a popcorn popper or a wok on hand, but did you use them more than once? I’m guessing the answer is probably not. Once you’ve kicked the clutter to the kerb, you can give your caravan or motorhome a thorough cleaning in preparation for winter. (For everything you need to know about caravan storage, read this article: A Guide to Touring Caravan Storage.)

If you truly are having trouble dumping, consider this inspiring quote from Thoreau: “Most of the luxuries, and many of the so-called comforts of life, are not only not indispensable, but positive hindrances to the elevation of mankind.” Remember that to travel by caravan or motorhome is to leave the luxuries of home behind in the search for adventure. Do you really need that pineapple corer? 

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Step 2: Organise.

Once you’ve determined what’s useful and what’s not, you should have a little more space to work with inside your touring caravan or motorhome. After a deep clean, putting everything away is the perfect opportunity to streamline and improve your caravan storage situation.   

Caravan Kitchen Space Saving Tips.

Your caravan kitchen can often be pared way down to include only the essentials; try reading the caravan kitchen article we published a while back. Ditch specialised instruments and gadgets for those that can serve many purposes. Think about how you can maximise food storage and add a tiered, hanging basket to store dry fruits and vegetables. Invest in airtight, stackable containers for storing snacks, ingredients, and perishable foods in cabinets.

Consider the things that take up the most space in your kitchen. How can they be condensed or better organised? Your spice rack is a great place to start. Rather than bringing along big bottles or tins of spices, why not make a traveling spice kit? You can use anything small even tic-tac containers. Simply find containers that are airtight, small, and stack or store efficiently. If you are feeling handy, you can install the lids of glass jars beneath your cupboards. This way you can screw glass jars into the lids to store snacks or odds and ends in your kitchen space.

Hanging jars

Image credit: The creative imperative

Add a tension rod underneath your dining table to store paper towels well out of the way. Better yet, ditch the paper towels altogether and equip your caravan with several rags or cleaning towels. Not only can these be washed and reused when you return home, it’s better for the environment too. If your dining area features storage underneath the benches, use boxes and containers to organise and separate your belongings.

Another space saving tactic is to take advantage of the vertical space in your kitchen cupboards. Invest in a dish cradle to stack your dishes vertically. It may be possible to add extra shelves if you feel like you could better utilise the space. Wire magazine racks can be a great way to store items like cutting boards, foil, and other supplies in those tall, narrow cupboards you’ll often find in caravan kitchens. Definitely invest in a trash bin that hangs over your cupboard door, this will prevent your bin from tipping over and spilling rubbish everywhere.

You can also maximise space within cupboards by adding hanging trays, hanging shelves, or storage pods. Not only will this help you use dead space inside cabinets, it will also help keep you a bit more organised. Try to find kitchen utensils like spatulas, whisks, and slotted spoons that have holes, as these can be hung inside a cupboard door to free up drawer space.

For example, Here is a creative idea, use a hanging shoe to conveniently store and organise your cleaning supplies and food items. This fruit hammock stores dry food out of the way and prevents bruises or damage in transit.

Hanging fruit hammock

Image credits: Camping World.

Caravan Bedroom Storage Hacks.

Following on from last month's article on How to Get the Best Sleep of Your Life in your Touring Caravan or Campervan, it’s important to keep your sleeping area free of clutter so you can enjoy deep, relaxing sleep on your holiday. Instead of a nightstand, free up space by hanging a small cloth caddy off the side of your bed to store items like medicine, books, or reading glasses. If you’re feeling ambitious and have space, you could even make a storage headboard as featured in Do it yourself RV.

Hanging headboard

Image Credit: Do It Yourself RV


With so many tech organisers on the market, how can you be assured of quality, durability, functionality and safety? Consider going digital to prevent piles of books and magazines from stacking up. Download all your audiobooks, music, movies, and shows to save a ton of space. An electronic reader can permit you to take multiple books and magazines on the road in a small, thin package. 

The next challenge is powering all your technology. We recommend the new Allocacoc PowerCube, which claims to be the world’s smallest 4-5 multi-socket power strip. Its design offers many advantages, particularly in small spaces like touring caravans, motorhomes and campervans. You can even mount the unit within reach with the included mounting dock. The PowerCube allows you to charge all your electrical appliances as well as your mobile devices (including the latest tablet computers) with a high-powered USB dock. Furthermore, the PowerCube provides several additional outlets, even for bulky plugs, while not sacrificing space due to its cubical shape.


Image Credit: The-gadgeteer.

Space Saving in your Caravan Bathroom.

Caravan Bathroom saving solutions

Image credits: Toilet Holder: Ace hardware / Hanging Containers: We chose this life

Hanging wardrobes can be installed in areas of your sleeping space that don’t impede traffic. These can also be added to closets for storing shoes or bulkier items like sweaters and jumpers. Think about how you can better use the space on your walls and ceilings. These areas present great opportunity for installing hooks and hanging storage solutions. Look to the unused space in these tiny quarters and use your imagination. Mounting a wire rack above your caravan bathroom can be a handy way to store towels or extra toilet paper. I even have a friend that uses a hanging wine rack to store his towels; don’t be afraid to get creative!

Add hanging racks to your shower to collect toiletries. Small, plastic hanging pods can be divided up between family members so everyone's toiletries are separated. Try mounting a small towel rack above your toilet, as this can anchor additional small, hanging bins for the odds and ends you keep in the bathroom.  A flat toilet paper holder can also be a space-saving towel rack.

Some additional tips to help you create extra storage in your touring caravan:

? Hang mesh organisers on the backside of the driver and passenger seats as a catchall for sunglasses, sunscreen, bug spray, keys, etc.

? Mount cleaning supplies like mops, brooms, or dustpans with brackets in a wardrobe or underneath the bed.

? Hang coiled hoses, hardware, and other tools with velcro straps or brackets in the exterior storage spaces of your caravan.

? Try a collapsible dish drying rack, look for mixing bowls that collapse, and pots and pans that nest together to save space in your caravan kitchen.

? To prevent losing remote controls, use Velcro on a wall to store them.

? Vacuum-sealed storage bags can come in very handy for storing bulky towels and extra bedding underneath your bed.

? Hooks, hooks, and more hooks. The wall space on your caravan can always be better utilised. Consider hunting down collapsible hooks that fold up when not in use. This will help prevent any snags or bumps as you move about.

? Add a pegboard behind your sink to create a space to easily hang pots, pans, and utensils.

As always, we hope your time on the road is enjoyable and packed with adventure and fun. By ensuring your touring caravan and motorhome is well-organised, you can maximise your holiday and spend less time hunting for things you need. If you have a caravan or motorhome storage hack,  please do share in the comments box below or on Salop Leosire's Facebook page.