We believe it is time to honour our healthcare heroes now that the world is opening up and vaccines are being distributed at a steady rate! In light of this, Salop Leisure, in collaboration with our manufacturing partner Swift, has decided to express heartfelt gratitude to all NHS workers for their efforts during the COVID-19 pandemic.

*NHS CARAVAN DISCOUNT EVENT -  April 23rd to May 9th


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NHS employees can take advantage of some special promotions from April 23rd to May 9th.

Please keep reading to learn more about the exclusive, limited-time NHS discount event!

From Friday 23rd April to Sunday 9th May, the following discounts are available to NHS staff:

  • 50% off RVA-1 and RVA-2 awnings when you purchase any Basecamp
  • £500 off all Sprite and Sprite supermodels
  • £700 off the Challenger and Elegance ranges

To take advantage of the NHS deals, you must complete the ‘Get a Quote‘ form on the Swift website and show a valid NHS ID card when you order your Swift caravan at Salop Leisure.

These NHS offers are available for a very limited time

Remember, these NHS deals are only available for a limited time! If you want to learn more about our caravans or make an appointment to see them in person, please call us at 01743 282400.