If you regularly enjoy adventures in your touring caravan, you'll naturally be waiting with bated breath to hear when lockdown restrictions will be lifted and you can head out on to the road once more. Even when lockdown restrictions are lifted, life may not instantly return back to normal and caravan trips may be different as the world transitions back to normality. Below we look at how your post-COVID-19 touring caravan trips may be different… 

1. Planning

If you like to head out on to the open road in your caravan with only a vague plan of where you may stop, you may need to rethink this approach. A touring trip will require proper planning to ensure your regular camping grounds have managed to re-open during the pandemic. Sadly many businesses have not survived the pandemic, and you should call ahead to check there are open camping grounds on your desired route. 

If a caravan site is open but running with limited capacity, it is also advisable to plan and book a space ahead to ensure you will be able to secure a spot at the park. 

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2. Protection 

You will need to ensure you have the right protection to keep you safe whilst on a touring caravan trip. For example, you should wear gloves when filling your vehicle or motorhome with fuel and ensure your touring caravan is regularly stocked with soap and hand sanitiser so you can keep your hands clean whilst on the road.

3. Checking in at touring caravan site

One of the biggest changes you can expect in a post-COVID world will be checking in at a caravan park. Campsite offices are usually very small and some may continue to enforce the 2-metres apart rule. You should, therefore, expect to queue outside when waiting to check-in. You may also have to speak to a member of staff behind a plexiglass shield or have non-contact exchanges of money. 

4. Camping 

Thankfully, you can expect the actual camping experience to change very little. Some campsites, however, may reduce the number of caravans they welcome to their site to ensure each caravan has enough personal space. As long as you keep washing your hands and do not venture outside if you are feeling unwell, you should still be able to walk past other campers and say hello without breaking any social distancing measures. 

It is unknown when UK residents will be able to travel to other European countries, though it will most likely be some time before this happens. For this reason, caravan owners who usually enjoy European touring adventures will have to remain in the UK 

5. Parties and events

It may be some time before you can meet up with your fellow caravan touring friends and host a group meal or party. In fact, campsites may have rules about how many people are allowed to be in public areas at once, or ban people from different caravans spending time together.

6. Amenities 

As soon as campsites are able to open to the public, campsites will welcome caravans through their doors. It may be some time, however, till campsite amenities such as clubhouses, swimming pools and local shops are open. It will depend on the size of public facilities and how easily they can be sanitised before campsites will consider re-opening them.

7. Meals

You should expect to cook and prepare more meals yourself whilst on a caravanning adventure, as many local restaurants and cafes may remain closed, or only operate with limited service. For this reason, you should try to stock up on produce where possible and try to support local shops as you travel in your caravan. 

8. A longer season

Many caravan enthusiasts spend their summer in their caravan then retire their caravan for the winter. This may change in a post-COVID world as caravan owners will want to make the most of their caravan once restrictions have been lifted. For this reason, many caravan owners will be looking to improve their heating and caravan insulation to ensure they can travel in the winter months. 

At this unprecedented time, nothing is certain. The most important thing is that you follow government guidelines and regulations to ensure you stay safe whilst in your caravan or motorhome.