Valentines caravan break
There's nothing more romantic than a night or two snuggled away in a beautiful location on a "get away from it all" caravan or motorhome break.

You might not want to invite every woman or every man to join your caravan of love (we’ll leave that for more “specialist” websites) but a caravanning break on Valentine’s Day is the perfect way to get away from it all and ricochet cupid’s arrow around the inside of an aluminium hideaway on wheels.

If cutesie teddy bears, heart-shaped chocolates and the cliched overpriced bunch of flowers have become a little stale, then sweep your partner off their feet with a cosy night snuggled up every from it all in some of the UK’s most beautiful - and of course - romantic locations.

If it’s rocking...

The bedroom area takes up a fair chunk of the space available inside a typical caravan. That may be for practical purposes but it sure has its romantic uses too. Accidentally pack a solitary sleeping bag and turn the fire off to ensure maximum cuddling up opportunities.

The caravanning equivalent of the hotel “do not disturb sign” is the “if the ‘vans a rockin don’t come knocking” plaque. And caravans have a huge advantage over a thin-walled hotel room next to couples breaking up and making up on the "love is supposed to be in the air" day of all days. There’s always breathing space between you and your neighbours you see.

That minimum 6-metre legally defined “separation space” may, in reality, be for fire safety reasons but it has practical purposes too for those enjoying being away from the teenage kids for a night.

And if you’re tempted to “helpfully” knock up the swaying residents next to you in order to recommend they jack their van up to be a bit steadier - don’t. Nothing kills passion quicker than a stranger with a spirit level.

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A true test of any budding relationship

Nothing says he or she is a “keeper” like any new beau or belle hopping up in the middle of a howling gale to change the water barrel.

If you love the outdoors and firmly believe that any life partner must share your devotion to the hills, meadows and lakes, then a caravan break is the perfect way to ascertain the alfresco credentials of Mister or Missus “are they really a nature lover?”.

Choose a site without mobile coverage or WiFi to truly test the social media aficionado, a tactic which comes with the added bonus of not having to browse kissing couples on your feed posing for selfies to impress their “followers”.

Adults-only caravanning

There are plenty of adults-only caravan sites dotted around the country. And don’t worry, most of them aren’t awash with pampas grass (if that went over your head try Google) or naked pass-the-balloon games. There are of course sites which cater for such tastes but pick a regular adults-only plot to avoid any unleashed kids disturbing the mood.

Even rain is romantic in a caravan

Plan some teenager-ish frivolity, a champagne campfire feast and a walk under the moonlit skies to make the most of your romantic break. Pop some cheesy tunes on for the road trip, gaze into the firelight reflected in your lover's eyes and pack some warm clothes for a hand-in-hand late-night stroll under the stars.

Valentines Day in a caravan may be more his and hers matching onesies than sexy lingerie and comedy boxers. But what better way to reconnect than sharing a bottle of wine under the torchlit covers - don’t be tempted to light some candles unless you want to rouse the site with a fire bell and hose in the middle of the night - while all of the other lovers in the world waste their cash on service station flowers and tacky gift sets. And remember, even the pitter-pattering of rain on the roof is romantic in a caravan.