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 Custom Caravan & Motorhome virtual background for your Zoom calls

Millions of people are adjusting to working from home due to the restrictions placed on our lives because of covid-19. Whereas once we could wander across to our colleagues to discuss something, hold face to face meetings or chat over a break time coffee we now have to communicate digitally. Kids are being taught online and even TV interviews are being conducted over the internet, with book shelves and home furnishings on public display.

Lots of us are having to get our heads around remote working software like Zoom for the first time. This doesn't mean that the large pile of ironing or office clutter has to be on display to our colleagues, however. Many video chat services allow you to add virtual backgrounds that cover your real-world background environment and put the focus back on the speaker.

 Owners of motorhomes and touring caravans might not be able to get away for the weekend at the moment but they can at least appear in a luxury motorhome or caravan of their choice when they're talking online.

With that in mind, Salop Leisure has created some great virtual Swift touring caravan & Motorhome backgrounds for Zoom and it's relatively straightforward to get one for yourself. Whether you want to hide the clutter or host your own virtual caravan rally, choose from one of the backgrounds below.

How to get a touring caravan or motorhome background for Zoom 

Step One: Check your system compatibility and Zoom admin settings.

First, you need to find out if your computer supports Zoom's virtual background option and that your admin settings permit them. See information here for how to do this.

Step Two: Adding a touring caravan or motorhome background 

In the bottom left corner of the Zoom desktop client, you'll find a ^ arrow next to "Start/Stop Video". Select "Choose A Virtual Background". A window should pop up with a list of options. Click the plus (+) sign above the photos. You can then choose the background you'd like to use. There's everything from vintage options to sleek modern designs available so be sure to take a good look before making your choice.

Click the thumbnails to download your background:

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Troubleshooting Tips

* Ensure you have decent lighting. If you set up a small desk lamp (not too bright!) directed towards your face it should make you and the background easier to distinguish for the computer.

* If a child wanders into the room or a cat strolls across your desk the background might be temporarily disrupted. This should resolve itself very quickly.

* Try not to move around too much as it can make your image in front of the background appear blurry.

* If you find the image has been reversed on your screen click on the ^ arrow again and go to "Video Settings". Find the box marked "Mirror Video" and unclick it which should ensure the image appears correctly.

* If there's any other issue that arises you can find answers at Zoom's Troubleshooting Page