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Customisation is a massive part of today’s consumer world. We have never been able to choose from more options: Want a caramel cafe macchiato with soya milk and one and a half sugars at the coffee shop? Done! Got your heart set on a smart phone resplendent with your football team’s colours? It can be arranged! So how far have caravans caught on to customisation?

In terms of features, caravans have a long tradition of customisation. Caravan manufacturers offer a wide range of personalisation options when it comes to the materials and finishes of the interior, as well as the amenities which can be packed inside your favourite holiday vehicle. But one area of customisation in which caravans might have been slow to catch on is colour...

Ever wondered why most caravans seems to be white? We’ll be addressing that in this article, as well as the question of customer demand for colour options, and the benefits of vinyl wrapping. We also ask a caravan expert for their take on the colour debate. Read on!

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Why are caravans always white?

OK, it’s not completely unheard of to spot them in other colours, but by and large, our touring caravans are white. So let’s get to the bottom of this feature of caravan life. The main reason that touring caravan exteriors are typically white is to help keep the vehicle as cool as possible. As they are sat in the sun all day, the reflective properties which the colour white provides to the caravan can help to lower temperatures and prevent inhabitants, as well as belongings, from heating up to undesirable levels.

There is a school of thought that suggests dealerships might be reluctant to take a chance on colours which are divergent to white, because they think that they might be unpopular, and therefore hard to sell.

And because colourful panels are pre painted, they can come at an extra cost to the caravan manufacturers, especially if they are being provided by a specialist supplier. So when demand isn’t clear from the caravan buyers’ side, the extra outlay needed to produce different colour caravans represents a risk of sorts.

White could also be a winner because of its neutrality. While other colours can appeal more to a certain gender or age group, white is all encompassing, negating the need for caravan buyers to debate the question of ‘which colour should we get?’

Colourful caravans: Is the demand there?

Back in the 1960s, it wasn’t uncommon at all to see touring caravans with colourful side panels, but even then, the roof was likely to be white. Of course, the Swinging Sixties were an altogether more colourful decade in many ways, and since then, touring caravan colours have become less loud.

While we might not see touring caravans awash with colour these days, there are more colour choices, in line with the increasing number of opportunities to personalise our vehicles. This has gone hand in hand with the online market for touring caravan buyers, and other options to customise exterior and interior features at the click of the mouse.

These kind of personalised touches can come at an extra cost, and maybe that’s why different colour options are more prominently offered by manufacturers themselves, rather than dealerships. Manufacturers are able to custom build touring caravans to individual requirements, making any modifications necessary at the plant itself.

We might not get a return to 1960s caravans, which exhibited every colour of the rainbow. Manufacturers are still fairly conservative when it comes to the choices offered – and this can be seen as a reflection of the current level of demand. We are still more likely to see silvers and grays, than oranges or pinks. But with the popularity of caravanning increasing as millennials catch on, could this be about to change?

What does the expert say?

So let’s ask an expert for their opinion on the demand for more colourful caravans. Sarah Wakely, Editor in Chief at Practical Caravan magazine, explained that there are plenty of reasons to change your caravan’s colour, but that you should treat the process with care.

Sarah said: "There's no denying that most caravans look very similar, so it's tempting to want to change the colour of yours from being standard white to something that stands out onsite a little more! There are advantages: You'll have a caravan that's unique, you'll stand out when parked up, and your caravan will be much easier to identify in the event of any theft.

“If you do decide to go down this route, be sure to get the work done by a reputable company - don't consider doing it yourself! Also, check that any warranty won't be invalidated, and be aware that changing your caravan's colour might also affect its value come resale time."

Would you consider colour wrapping your caravan?

Of course, you don’t need the blessing of a caravan manufacturer to change the colour of your touring caravan. You are able to take matters into your own hands (perhaps not literally!), thanks to a modification technique known as vinyl wrapping.

What is vinyl wrapping?

If you are prepared to make the necessary outlay, you can have your caravan (or car for that matter) vinyl wrapped. Vinyl wrapping changes the appearance and colour of your touring caravan, offering you the choice of a huge number of styles.

The original paint will be totally, or partially, covered in vinyl wrap. In some cases where a vinyl wrap has been undergone for the purposes or restoration, the colour will be kept the same. Whether or not the colour is altered, a secondary layer, such as a matte or gloss, is typically added.

What are the benefits of vinyl wrapping?

Let’s run through three quick-fire benefits of opting to change your touring caravan’s colour with a vinyl wrap:

The choice is yours

From weird and wonderful to a simple switch of shades, there are almost no limits to how you can change the colour of your caravan through vinyl wrapping. You could even opt for a full scale image, or emblazon your vehicle with the badge of your favourite sports club – while costs can vary, you have a huge number of vinyl wrapping options available to you.

Protect your assets

Vinyl wrap offers the advantage of acting as a protective layer, on top of the original paint which your touring caravan came with. Not only can this preserve the paint work by limiting damage, but you also stand to increase the resale value of your touring caravan.

A sight for sore eyes

If you really want your touring caravan to make an impression, vinyl wrapping is the way to go. While it is a holiday vehicle, your touring caravan will typically spend more time in your driveway than in a holiday park, so why not make it an impressive spectacle? From wraps which give your caravan a virtual ‘front garden’, complete with flowers and garden path, to graffiti which offers a cool urban edge, vinyl wrapping is an attention seeker’s dream!

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