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Welcome to another edition of Caravan Friday. And today, we're going to be looking at tyres. 

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Never neglect your tyres

Tyres are very often overlooked, but at the end of the day, they are one of the most important things on a caravan because they are your only link to the road. Tyres for caravans are manufactured in the same way as car tyres. They just have a slightly different load bearing on them, so what you would find is there's extra steel bandings in the wall to actually support the weight. They also have a slightly different speed rating, but if you speak to your caravan manufacturer, they'll be able to tell you exactly which tyre you need and which size you should be using for your particular touring caravan.

Do you know the correct inflation levels for your tyres?

You will find ordinarily all the caravans will run on a 13-inch rim; newer vans, 14 or 15. It's vitally important that you make sure your caravan tyres are kept in good condition. Lots and lots of things to bear in mind with this. First, the most important is inflation. If you check your handbook, it will tell you what your tyres should be inflated to. Over-inflation can cause wear in the centre of the tyre. Under-inflation can cause wear to the outside of the tyre.

How to preserve your tyres

Again, when you're looking at your caravan tyre, you want to be checking side walls for bulging, for cracks, and pay particular attention to the inside walls. They're quite often not seen. You can help to preserve your tyres in a number of ways. You can buy tyre covers which will stop the UV from attacking it. It just sits over the tyre and covers it, and keeps it out of the way of the sun. Also, you can buy a product called Tyre Saver. 
This is the Tyre Saver. It sits underneath the tyre, and helps prevent flat spots if the van is in storage. Also, if your caravan is in storage, you should look at trying to rotate the tyre every now and again, possibly once a month. Again, this will help stopping flat spots.
The legal limit for caravan tyres is the same as with cars, so 1.6 mil for three-quarters of the tread. It's very, very rare that a caravan tyre gets to the point where it starts to wear down. Normally, as we said before, it is deterioration from UV or damage from curbs, that sort of thing, or you're actually using the caravan.

Safety Measures

Moving on to tyre safety, there are several ways you can try and help yourself and keep the caravan under control. Obviously, if a tyre does go and you've got no prevention or safety measures in place, the tyre will try and drop down into this well on the wheel, which will enable the tyre bead to feed off. There is a product on the market called the Tyron Band, which I have here. This is half of the product. And it basically sits and fills that gap, which means that the tyre will remain on the rim and won't try and feed off. Here are some tips on what to do if you puncture your caravan tyre in transit

The backup of a Tyre Sealant

Obviously, it's vitally important that you carry a spare wheel. The point that you regret not having one is the point that it's too late. You can, again, help yourself along. There's a product in the market now called Tyre Sealant. And what Tyre Sealant does is if you do get a puncture, it'll run into the puncture hole and seal it. Now, that's a multiple use so it's not the sort of thing you're going to have to replace the tyre after. It should last for the life of the tyre, which is recommended that you change a tyre every five years.

The correct torque on your caravan wheel nuts

Something that's often overlooked is making sure that your caravan wheel nuts are to the correct torque. You can buy yourself a basic torque wrench from any good dealer [inaudible 00:03:25]. It's worth its weight in gold. Every time you move the caravan, you should be looking at making sure the torque is correct on the wheel bolts. And if you speak to your manufacturer or check your handbook, it should have the torque settings in there for you.
In conclusion, check your tyre pressures regularly whether you're using the van or not. If you're storing the caravan, make sure the wheel is rotated. Recommended that you change the tyre every five years. Check your torques and settings on your nuts every time your move the caravan. Visually inspect your caravan tyres at least once a month to make sure it's in good condition. It's going to look after you properly.
Any other questions regarding caravan tyres or anything else to do with caravans, please feel free to leave a question in the comments box or contact us here at Salop Leisure.