Top Tips for Preparing Your Caravan for this summer

Cleaning touring Caravan

There is nothing more exciting than purchasing a brand new touring caravan. You dream of hitting the open road. You dream of taking off and leaving your troubles in the past.

While there are few things more enjoyable than owning a caravan, it’s important to realise that it’s also a big responsibility. For example, proper maintenance and care is a must. You spent a lot of money on your touring caravan, so you don’t want to overlook the steps you can take to keep it looking new for many years to come.

Below are five top caravan cleaning tips for preparing your touring caravan for summer:

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1. A Detailed Cleaning, Inside and Out

Spring cleaning isn’t just for your home. Your caravan deserves the same attention, with a focus on both the interior and exterior.

Just the same as your car, you can spray off your caravan with a powerful stream of water but keep a greater distance as pressure washers are powerful and could potentially damage delicate window seals and other sensitive small parts. Our best advice is to use pressure washers on certain parts such as wheels and other non sensitive areas to reduce the chance of damage occurring and clean the rest of the caravan manually.

Making your way to the interior, you’ll need a few tools by your side. In addition to a powerful vacuum, make sure you have a bucket of water, a few rags, and plenty of cleaning supplies. (more on that later)

If you prepared your caravan for winter, you may not have much cleaning to do on the interior. Conversely, if you skipped this step, you could be faced with quite the job.

It may take a few hours (or days) to scrub your caravan, but your effort will payoff in the long run. There’s nothing like embarking on your first journey with a clean touring caravan to accommodate your every need.

2. Inspect Each and Every Part

It worked at the end of last season, so why wouldn’t it this spring?

If this sounds familiar, you know all too well that things don’t always work out this way. The longer your caravan sits the greater chance there is that something could go wrong.

A touring caravan safety check cannot be underestimated. You must inspect each and every part, being sure it is fully functional, safe, and ready to provide you with service. 

For example, your security devices should be in good working order. Along with this, you may have a satellite that needs some attention.

The last thing you want is to reach your destination, just to realise that a key part of your caravan is not functioning as it should. This can be disappointing, inconvenient, and even dangerous.

3. Pay Close Attention to the Water System

One of the primary benefits of a caravan is the ability to feel “at home,” despite the fact that you are on the road. This means having access to a fully functioning water system.

This tip goes along with #2 above, but it definitely deserves its own section. And here is why: a lot can go wrong with your caravan’s water system.

Here are some questions to answer:

What is the best way to sanitise your water system?
What is the process for checking for leaks?
Is the water pump working as intended?
Are all the fixtures working?
Are there any smells that concern you?
If your water system has never failed you in the past, it’s easy to become complacent. But then something bad happens. You reach your destination, head for the kitchen or toilet, and soon realise that your water system is not functioning. Unless it’s a simple problem, you may be without water for the duration of your trip. Talk about a real downer!

4. Check the Tyres

You’re travelling down the road, having a good time, and then something goes wrong. You realise that you’ve blown a tyre. This isn’t the end of the world, but there is a chance it could have been avoided.

As you prepare your caravan for summer, do the following:

·         Inflate each tyre to the factory recommended setting.

·         Check for leaks approximately 24 hours after filling each tyre.

·         Don’t forget the spare.

Not only can a flat tyre slow you down, but a blowout can be extremely dangerous. As the weather heats up, underinflated tyres are more prone to popping. With less air in the tyre, there is more friction between the rubber and the surface of the road. 

5. Air Out the Unit

The four tips above can be time consuming, costly, and even stressful to a certain degree. This tip is none of those things.

The moment you realise it’s time to prepare your touring caravan for summer, open up all the doors and windows. This gets rid of the musty air. It also helps eliminate any odours that may have built up over the long winter season.

Tip: you may also want to air out your unit for an hour or so after your initial cleaning. This will help remove the lingering odour of any cleaning products you have used.

Bonus tip: Don't just clean the visible parts.

It's tempting only to clean the visible part of your touring caravan but cleaning the parts of your caravan that are not visible should be part of your regular maintenance routine - This will keep your pride and joy in tip-top condition and protect the resell value of your caravan in the future. Make sure you clean the roof ( Pro tip: Check whether your roof can support your weight and if not use a step ladder) and dont't forget the wheels and the underside of the caravan.

Another Bonus tip: Sensible cleaning products.

Try to avoid using cleaning products from whatever is available in your house. We appreciate this can be convenient, but the downside is that some non-caravan cleaning products can also be damaging to your caravan. For example, dish soap could potentially strip the wax and damage the paint. We recommend you use specially designed caravan cleaning products as the small additional cost is worth it, keeping your caravan in excellent condition.

Give Yourself Enough Time

When it comes to preparing your caravan for summer, the biggest mistake you can make is not giving yourself enough time.

If you are scheduled to go on holiday on Saturday, don’t wait until Friday evening to begin the preparation process. Doing so is a big risk, as you may find something that requires your attention. The inability to solve the problem quickly could delay your departure.

When you give yourself a week or more to prepare your caravan for summer, you can take your time, do everything the right way, and be 100 percent sure that it’s ready for anything that the road can bring.

You have waited all winter for this time. Summer is here and you can once again use your touring caravan. Just make sure you follow the five tips above.

Do you have any other caravan cleaning tips or advice for preparing your caravan for summer? Have you made any mistakes that others can learn from? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.