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Hello. Welcome to another edition of Caravan Friday. Today, we're going to be looking at Caravan Motor Movers.

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Two main different types of caravan movers.

The two main different types of caravan mover are the chassis mounted mover, which is the one we've got here, and there's also the not quite so popular hitch version. And all that is, is a large wheel with a motor and a battery on it, and a long arm which fits underneath the hitch, which allows you to trail your caravan around. The big drawback with that is if you're not using the van, they're very, very difficult to store. And if you are taking it away on holiday with you, it's very weight, and a little bit unwieldy, which is why people tend to prefer to go for the chassis mount like this one.

Manual or automatic ?

The two main differences with the movers is you've got the automatic motor or you've got the manual. Difference between those two is to engage the manual, start the bar low and pop it on the spline there. And then using your bodyweight, just rock it over so that the roller comes in contact with the tire. Or if you were to go for the automatic version, at the press of a button, you can engage a motor onto a wheel.

How caravan motor movers work

So the way the motor mover works is you have a motor either side. You have your roller in contact with the wheel. You have a remote control like this, which is totally cordless, which will allow you to move your caravan. The beauty with being cordless is you can move all the way around the van. So if you're maneuvering in tight spots, you can get to each little corner. Now, the chassis mount mounts totally to the van so you would use your existing leisure battery. You'd have the control unit underneath the bed base.
Now, they all work the same, but you have a twin axle unit which works on two wheels. If it's a lighter weight twin axle, you have a single axle unit which works on two wheels, or if you've got a heavy twin axle or you've got a particularly difficult path to maneuver, you'll be looking at the four-wheel version which works exactly the same as this, just double up on the motors. 

Caravan shaped remote control

What Powrtouch had done is make the remote control in a caravan shape almost, so it's very, very easy to tell which direction you need to be going with the front end being the same shape as the A-frame. You also have with this a cable. So for any reason, if the batteries do run down in the remote, you can plug it directly into the mover, which will allow you to still control it. You won't have the wireless benefit, but obviously, you can still control the van and you won't be left stuck.
With the modern movers, you can either use one wheel to move and keep the other one locked, or you can use both wheels and allow the van to turn its axis. So if you are on soft ground or soft gravel, it will save you from digging in. And all you do for that is just press opposing buttons on the remote.
One more thing to add is you can actually regulate the speed of the mover with the arrow buttons at the top of the remote. Simply pressing them will speed up or slow down the rate at which the mover moves.
If you have any questions regarding motor movers or any other caravan products, please feel free to leave a question in the comments box or contact us here at Salop Leisure.