Prepare Static Caravan for summer season
The caravan season is fast approaching, so now is the perfect time to ensure your static caravan is ready to enjoy. We have compiled a useful list of static caravan maintenance tips, so you can make the most of this year’s season.

Static caravan maintenance tips

1) Complete a spring clean

Arriving to a clean and fresh caravan is much better than discovering issues with pests, damp or other cleanliness issues, especially if the caravan has been empty for a while. If you live quite far from your caravan site, there is likely to be a local cleaning company which could complete the clean for you.

2) Look for signs of mould

All caravans are prone to mould, especially around windows, doors and ceiling joints. If there are any areas of poor ventilation mould can quickly form, especially in the bathroom. If there are signs of damp you should use an effective removal product during the spring and air the area out. A dehumidifier will also help remove moisture from the area.

3) Check the exterior of the static caravan

While you clean the interior of the caravan you should also consider the exterior. Over the winter the site may have been subjected to strong winds, storms and snow, which can cause damage. Pay attention to the skylights, seals, guttering and any potential holes or cracks in the panels.

4) Store useful tools in the caravan

Fingers crossed your caravan will not need any repairs this year, but if there are any small repairs needed it can be useful to have some tools to hand. A set of screwdrivers, extension lead, hammer, pliers and a stepladder could come in very useful.

5) Check the water supply to the taps and toilet

If the water supply has been turned off you will need to turn the connection back on, although you should check that all taps are off before connecting. Once the water is connected, leave the taps to run for a few minutes and flush the toilet. This will help the cold and hot water flow through the caravan and release any airlocks.

6) Keep the caravan cool during the summer

If you are wondering how to keep caravan cool in summer, you are not alone. There are many ways to help keep your caravan cool when the temperature rises, for example:

1) Keep windows open to release hot air as it rises.
2) Install well-placed fans to circulate the cool air.
3) Removing winter duvets and change to thinner summer bedding.
4) Place bed seats in the fridge before bedtime.
5) Close blinds, the darkness will help keep out the heat of the sun.
6) There are portable air conditioning units available, which use cool water or ice as a coolant.
7) Avoid cooking for long lengths of time indoors, instead use a BBQ outside.

7) Consider your pets

If like many animal owners you bring your pets with you, think about their needs during the caravanning season. Try to create a shaded area where your pet can lay out on a cooling pad, with access to cold water nearby. The inside of a caravan can become very hot during the summer, in a similar way to a car. This means pets should never be locked inside a caravan during hot weather.

8) Check your caravans’ fixtures and fittings

It is also an ideal time to check the various fixtures and fittings, such as light bulbs, carbon monoxide alarms and smoke alarms. The longer your caravan has been sat empty, the greater the chance that things may be broken.

9) Complete any major refurbishments

If you are looking to improve your facilities, there are some refurbishments which can be completed in your static caravan. If you aren't ready to purchase a new caravan, you could refurbish the kitchen and bathroom or reupholster seats and hang new curtains. These will give the interior a modern feel and a new lease of life so that you have somewhere to relax and enjoy which matches your style.

10) Make time for preparing your caravan

Don't wait until the day before the summer season begins to prepare, instead plan ahead and consider exactly what is needed. If there is something broken or damaged, if you are aware in advance you will be able to ensure everything is ready for when you arrive. There is nothing worse than arriving for your holiday to a caravan which will take hours to prepare.

Here at Salop Leisure, we have more than 50 years in providing touring caravans, motorhomes and static caravans. From our showroom in Shrewsbury, you can purchase a range of caravan spares and accessories, alongside viewing the caravans in our immersive park-like setting. To find out more about preparing your static caravan for the summer seasons, please contact our team or visit our showroom.