Many Brits dream of a holiday home, a place of your own in the country or by the sea that you can escape to whenever you wish.

Salop Leisure is more than just somewhere to buy a holiday home (or caravan, motorhome, camper van…). Think of us as an advisory service, making the choosing and purchasing process as easy and as pleasurable as possible.

This blog is a step-by-step guide to buying your perfect caravan holiday home or lodge, and accompanies our free buyer’s guide brochure, which can be obtained free of charge by popping into our Shrewsbury showroom, emailing info@salopleisure.co.uk or calling 01743 282400.

Step One – A lifestyle choice

The Salop Leisure motto is Go Explore! We extend this invitation to you as you embark on your adventure of owning a Holiday Home. If you are new to static holiday homes, there are many pleasant surprises in store as to the wide range of models and beautiful parks to choose from… but there are also some possible pitfalls to be aware of. Our honest guide will help you through the seemingly never-ending list of options.

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Step Two – Making an informed decision

‘Is holiday home ownership the right option for me?’ This is the first, and most important, question to ask. If you’re not sure what owning a holiday home caravan or lodge might entail, here are some other questions to consider:

·       Realistically how much time are you likely to spend on leisure breaks each year? The occasional weekend or months at a time?

·       Do you like to return to the same place, with your own things around you?

·       Do you plan your breaks well in advance, or like to go on the spur of the moment?

·       Have you compared the likely cost of staying in hotels or guest houses each year, against the cost and potential savings of your own holiday home-from-home?

·       Can you afford the capital outlay, or meet the regular finance payments? Second-hand holiday homes can cost from a few thousand pounds upwards to over £70,000 for a top of the range new holiday home. Also consider your park’s annual site fee and cost of essential utilities like gas, water and electricity.

·       Can you afford the long-term cost? Remember that (like most assets) your holiday home will depreciate over time. Many sites will set an age limit, so that homes or a certain age must be replaced or moved off site to keep the appearance and standards high.


Once you have weighed up all the answers to these, we are sure that you will have a good idea of whether a caravan holiday home or lodge is the right option for you.

Step Three – The road to Holiday Home ownership

Now that you have decided a holiday home is something you’re interested in, you’ll want to make the journey to ownership as smooth as possible. Here are our golden rules, that will take you from reading this blog all the way to relaxing in your brand new holiday home:

A)    Learn

Start your journey by having a look around the Salop Leisure website. As well as useful information, there is a search facility for new and second-hand holiday homes.


B)     Discover

Visit Salop Leisure’s showrooms at Shrewsbury, Machynlleth or Stourport-on-Severn. Our advisors will provide you with all the information you need, and suggest what options are best for your circumstances. Take a good look around at the great selection of the latest holiday homes and enjoy a guided tour.


C)     Location

Our Park Finding Service will help you find the perfect park. Quite and rural, busy family entertainment, seaside or inland – whatever your taste, Salop Leisure can track it down.


D)    Final Arrangements

Once you have decided, our advisors will help to put finance, insurance and park siting / pitch selection in place.


E)     Take Delivery

Salop Leisure will arrange delivery and your chosen park will ensure safe installation, ready for you to move in.


F)     Enjoy

With your holiday home ready, aftersales support and guarantees in place, all you need to do now is sit back and enjoy!


Step Four – Choose a park, region and finance

Holiday Home chosen? Now all you need is to find the perfect location, perfect park and work out the finance options – and our advisors can help with all three.

Within Salop Leisure’s area, there are three regions – The Heart of England, Mid Wales (Inland) and Mid Wales (Coastal). Each has its own special features, wonderful scenery and superb parks. We are fortunate to have many of the most attractive, professionally run and well-equipped parks in the United Kingdom. The Tourist Board Grading System will enable you find to the best one for you.

Our transparent finance and funding options will help you make the most appropriate financial agreement. With interest rates fixed for the benefit of your future budgeting plans, you have the option to spread the cost of your holiday home up across up to 12 years.

Step Five – Buyer’s Summary

Double-check the six C’s of holiday home ownership. This last-minute checklist, before any commitment, will give you peace of mind, satisfaction and many years of holiday enjoyment:

·       Choice. With over 100 models across our three dealerships, there is so much choice to be had in terms of style, design, colour and layout. Be certain that you’ve chosen the right model for you!

·       Consult. Our impartial advisors are there for a reason, to help you decide on the right area and park. Don’t rush the process; make sure the location, facilities and other park users are right for you.

·       Cost. Check that whatever method of finance you choose represents value for money. At Salop Leisure our terms are flexible and the value exceptional – no hidden costs, no nasty surprises.

·       Cover (Insurance). We can arrange tailored insurance to give you the reassurance you require, including covering possessions.

·       Connection. Delivery and connection to all main services on site can be arranged for you by Salop Leisure or your chosen Park. Your holiday home will then be ready for your first visit.

·       Confidence. Confidence comes with the aftercare we offer. With on-the-road qualified service engineers, service is available seven days a week to give you true peace of mind.


We are sure you will enjoy your new life in a quality caravan holiday home and we hope this guide has helped you along the way.

Again, please free to pick up a copy of our Five Steps to Buying a Holiday Home or Lodge brochure from our showroom.