Will motorhome travel surge after COVID-19?

The UK is weeks into an unprecedented lockdown due to the global pandemic of the novel coronavirus, and many of us are already starting to suffer from cabin fever. It remains unclear how long lockdown will last, but it's obvious already that many people will be looking to get out of the house when the restrictions are lifted. 

While seasoned campers might already have itchy feet to get on the road and hit their favourite campsites, campers across the UK should probably consider the possibility that campsite space may come at a premium after the outbreak. Let's take a look at why we expect the popularity of motorhome travel and camping to surge after COVID-19.

Stay close(ish) to home

The travel restrictions which were imposed quickly and suddenly in February and March this year have made all of us aware of the benefits of staying close to home; until COVID-19 is well and truly behind us, further lockdowns can't be ruled out, which means travelling abroad for holidays is risky business. 

Motorhome holidays are an economical way to explore the UK without risking getting caught short far away from home with no way to get back. Travelling in your own car or caravan within the UK also means avoiding busy travel hubs such as airports and train stations, where the virus can spread more rapidly. 

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Keep your environment clean

 If you're serious about minimising your risk of catching coronavirus, you probably feel a little nervous about the idea of staying in a hotel just after lockdown. And why wouldn't you? There's no way to know how clean your environment is when you're staying away from home. 

Travelling in your own campervan means you can be in control of your environment, ensuring everything is disinfected regularly for optimum hygiene. It also means you needn't make stops to use public toilets or risk ordering food in restaurants because you can have your own kitchen and toilet on board.

Steer clear of the crowds

Even when lockdown restrictions are eased, reports suggest it's likely that social distancing measures will stay in place for potentially much longer; some sources even suggest we may be expected to social distance until 2022. With such rules in place, city breaks and even beach holidays will likely be difficult to enjoy safely. 

Luckily, most caravan holidays will take you to a relatively secluded spot somewhere in one of the UK's national parks or Areas of Outstanding Beauty. Provided you exercise fair caution and avoid other vacationers while you're exploring walking trails, it shouldn't be too hard to give each other two metres of distance on most caravan holidays this summer.

Save some pennies

The coronavirus lockdown has affected many people across the UK financially, with many furloughed employees losing 20% of their income and others now jobless amid the economic crisis we now find ourselves in. 

Motorhome hire holidays in the UK are a cost-saving option for families still keen to get away but unwilling or unable to pay hefty fees for airplane tickets and hotel accommodation. No doubt the popularity of campsites and caravan sites will surge this year as more and more people across the UK see the value in staying close to home.