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Time-Saving Tips and Tricks for a Fuss-Free Motorhome Holiday

Motorhome holidays offer us an irresistible element of adventure which is simply unattainable on your typical hotel break. But while motorhome trips are often best left a little open ended, a certain amount of planning can make for a hassle free experience.

So what are the things to remember if you want a happy motorhome holiday with minimal scope for spirit-sapping issues and inconveniences? In this article, we offer some stress saving solutions for holidaying on the road, and ask a caravan industry expert for their input.

Ready for the road?

A simple vehicle check before you set off can save you a world of bother on your holiday. It is good practice to check all your fluid levels, as well as your tyre pressure, before the trip begins. If it’s been a while since you drove your motorhome rather than your car, remember tasks such as ensuring that the doors of your cabinets in the rear are securely shut. Nobody likes to start their holiday with a storm of flying crockery! Making sure your step is up is another must.

It’s also important never to exceed your vehicle’s payload, which our expert will discuss in more detail later in this piece.

Get techy

If a scene from your motorhome holiday involves you burying your head in a map of the UK, it might be better to move with the times. Old maps which haven’t been updated are a recipe for getting lost, and although they can tell us where we should be going, they can’t always tell us where we are. Today’s smart phones offer map applications that let us know our precise location and which direction we are heading in. They require only a 3G or wifi connection, and many handsets with a GPS need only battery.

By all means bring along your old maps as back up, but remember that embracing technology which is available can save us time.

Assemble a versatile wardrobe

Nothing throws a spanner in the works of motorhome holidays in the UK like a trip into town to buy an emergency garment – you can almost guarantee that you won’t find a parking space! Anyone who is well versed in the English holiday season can tell you to expect the unexpected when it comes to weather. Bringing along a wardrobe which prepares you for all eventualities is the smartest ploy. Even if you only take one rain coat and a warm fleece for a summer break, they could be the pieces of clothing which you thank yourself the most for bringing.

Stay out of town

While there is nothing wrong with staying in an urban area, provided you are in a legal spot, motorhome holidays are not conducive to towns and cities. As a rule, in urban areas there is less space and more people. This can make for a hard time getting around, not to mention an absence of the precious peace and quiet which rural sites can offer.

Get on your bike

Want to explore more of the area around motorhome sites without having to drive? Jumping on the saddle can be the answer. Biking is an adult and kid friendly activity which allows you to spread your wings a little more. Any attraction within around five to 15 miles is fair game, and you can plan out your route so that you don’t cycle down the same roads twice. Aside from all that, it’s tremendously good for you and will leave you feeling satisfied that you’ve covered some ground by the evening, ready for a restful night’s sleep.

If you are renting, know your amenities

For those looking at renting a motorhome, be sure to know exactly which amenities are and aren’t included. If you are accustomed to holidaying in your own motorhome, it might be second nature to bring along your own items; from cutlery to kettles, wine glasses and toasters, as well as bed sheets and laundry equipment. The thing is, all of these things could feasibly be provided, so check what your rented motorhome has to offer before packing.

Find foods with staying power

While tins in your pantry or frozen foods can easily last for the length of your trip, choosing your refrigerated items can require more thought. Having to dash to the shops every couple of days can be far from ideal, and so stocking up with foods which have ‘staying power’ can save you valuable time.

If you won’t be within easy reach of a local store, think about substituting fresh milk for the UHT variety. Consider swapping ham for a long lasting cured sausage such as chorizo. And all-spice type seasoning can be a better option than taking individual bottles.

Survive off site

If your motorhome breaks are going to involve some nights spent away from holiday parks, somewhere in the wilderness, there are plenty of ways to live off your own devices for longer. For a start, getting up early and going to bed early means you’ll be using less electricity. Also, try and eat one or two meals a day which don’t involve cooking with electricity or gas. In the middle of winter, or if you don’t have many refrigerated foods, you could even turn off your fridge overnight.

Make the kids safety-aware

Families with small children can help to avoid the accidents which can cause major concern while on holiday. Taking the kids on a ‘safety tour’ can serve as a reminder for them on ‘no-go areas’. You can teach them to stay away from the electricity points and gas sources, as well as your cooking appliances. These might be things which they should know from home, but put little ones in an unfamiliar environment and they can forget the rules quickly!

Time for some expert advice

Daniel Attwood, Editor of MMM Magazine, has a few words of warning about motorhome payloads, as well as some general tips on how to approach a fuss-free holiday.

He told Salop Leisure: “Planning your motorhome trip is great fun. Picking the ideal ferry crossing, the best campsites, interesting places to visit, etc, all add to the excitement. But there are some practical essentials too. One of the most important is to ensure you know what your available payload is. Get your fully loaded motorhome weighed at a weighbridge with passengers on board and everything packed inside. If it weighs more than your motorhome's MPLW then you risk being stopped and fined, told to unload at the kerb and may even find you’re not insured. You are also at a much greater risk of crashing, so don’t do it.

“I’d also suggest using a motorhome-specific sat-nav, which will keep you away from routes that are not suited to your type of model (low bridges, villages and towns with weight restrictions, etc). Of course, don’t forget to do all the basic maintenance checks – oil, water, windscreen cleaner, gas bottles, etc, before you set off. And make sure you have breakdown recovery cover…just in case. Then go for it and enjoy yourself. That’s what motorhoming is all about!”

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