A Handy Guide to Where You Can Park a Motorhome in the United Kingdom

Parking a Motorhome

One question that motorhome buyers often ask is, "Can I park my motorhome anywhere I like in the UK?" The answer is, “That depends.” In this guide, we'll look at where you can park a motorhome and which rules, you’ll need to follow if you're going wild camping.

Freedom to Travel

One of the most enjoyable aspects of owning a motorhome is the freedom it gives you to travel all over the United Kingdom at a moment’s notice.

If you’re intending to park your motorhome at one of the thousands of camping, caravan and motorhome sites in the UK, there’s generally no problem. But if you are looking to park your motorhome somewhere else, you might need to check whether it’s legal. If you don’t, you could end up paying a hefty fine!

Where Can You Park a Motorhome?

Wherever you are in the UK, there are rules and regulations about where you can park a motorhome—and it pays to know what they are before you decide to pull up for the night.

Many motorhome owners seem to believe that you can park your motorhome just about anywhere, so long as it’s not on someone else’s drive or in their garden. This is not the case; camping laws generally state that it is not legal to park your motorhome on someone else's land unless you have obtained permission from the landowner.

Use Common Sense

When you’re choosing a spot to park in, always be mindful of other residents and guests. A good tip is to park your motorhome as late as possible in the evening and leave as early as you can the next day. That way you will avoid annoying the neighbours.

Another excellent piece of advice is to check before you arrive to ensure that the area where you intend to park your motorhome is a lawful place to leave your vehicle. 

As with any sort of mobile home, use common sense and don’t do anything that might endanger people or the environment. Campfires are probably best avoided as they generate smoke, and they can be dangerous if they burn out of control.

When you’re entering and leaving the parking area, take care not to damage any trees, plants or crops and always take your rubbish away with you when you leave.

The weather in the UK is changeable at the best of times, so make sure you always take clothing and supplies that will keep you safe, warm, and dry.

Follow the Rules

It’s never a good idea to start removing things from the site, especially when you’re not sure what the rules are. If you want a reminder of your visit, take some photos. When you’re on the motorhome site or parking area, try not to park on paths and walkways.

What Other Parking Options Are There?

If you want to use your motorhome in the UK, but don't want to stay at a campsite or caravan park, check out some of the websites that list layover spots all over the country where you can safely park your motorhome overnight. These are typically lorry parking areas, but they do provide an excellent alternative if you can't find another parking spot in that location.

What About Wild Camping?

Wild camping has become very popular because it gives you so much flexibility and lots of options for off-the-beaten-track locations. It does necessitate parking on privately owned land though, which means that you need to get the landowner's permission first. 

In England and Wales, that’s the law and failure to comply could lead to a criminal charge being filed against you. The only exceptions to this rule are certain parts of Dartmoor and the Lake District.

In Scotland, the Land Reform Act of 2003 allows you to park your motorhome pretty much anywhere you want, which is great for discovering remote parts of the country that you might not otherwise get to see.

The only stipulation is that you ‘leave no trace’ of your visit. So, take care not to disturb wildlife or more sensitive habitats like forests. Use a camping stove rather than an open fire and don’t leave any mess or rubbish behind.

More Information About Owning a Motorhome

We hope you found our guide to parking when you’re on a motorhome holiday in the UK helpful. If you’re interested in buying a motorhome, please browse our website, visit one of our showrooms where we have an excellent selection of new or used motorhomes for sale or give our friendly team a call.