Immediate: February 21, 2017

Staff at a specialist plants centre in Shropshire have decided to take an organic approach to controlling garden pests and diseases this year.

Love Plants, which is based at caravan and motorhome dealership Salop Leisure’s Shrewsbury headquarters, has decided not to use herbicides and pesticides on its plants this year. However, it will still stock chemical treatments for those customers who prefer them.

“Our decision to go organic complements the ethos of our business to support wildlife and the environment as well as preventing plants and pests developing immunity to chemicals,” explained Tim Robinson, Love Plants’ manager. “A lot of the chemical treatments linger in the soil for a long time.”

He has opted for organic products, including Neem Oil, horticultural soap and SB Invigorator, which have proved to be very effective at controlling pests and plant diseases.

Staff also use weed burners instead of weed killers on the two-acre site which is home to a wide variety of nesting birds and insects.

The Love Plants team is happy to advise gardeners on the best treatments and plants for their gardens.

Picture caption:

Love Plants’ manager Tim Robinson and assistant manager Heather Evans with some of the organic products



For more information, please contact Mr Tony Bywater, Salop Leisure chairman, on 01743 282400 or Duncan Foulkes, public relations consultant, on 01686 650818.