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What you must have in your caravan kitchen

One of the joys of caravanning is being able to prepare your own meals, perhaps trying out some new local produce, and relaxing round the table, either inside or eating al fresco when the weather permits. Having a well equipped kitchen can make a huge difference to your quality of life, so just what are those must-have items that no caravan should be without?

A good, sharp knife

Every caravan kitchen should have a good quality chef’s knife on board. You don’t need to take a set of different knives as one really good knife can be used for a multitude of purposes, such as chopping, cutting, slicing, dicing and even peeling. Resist the temptation to pack your old knife in the caravan and invest in a new chef’s knife instead. Maintained properly, the blade will stay sharp for longer and because it’s more efficient, a sharp knife is safer to use. Go for a well-balanced knife with a wide blade that narrows at the tip as this is ideal for rocking back and forth.

Chopping board

Some caravan kitchens have an area designed for chopping but not all of them do, in any case, you may prefer to use your own chopping board as this will prevent damage to the surface of the installed unit. A solid board (synthetic or wood) provides an even surface to dice or slice your food on, and you can use it in the kitchen or under the awning outside in the fresh air – handy when chopping onions!


Easily overlooked, a kettle is an essential bit of kitchen kit. Electric or the cheerful whistling kind is up to you, but you need a kettle to conveniently boil water for coffee and tea and other hot drinks. A kettle is also a more efficient way of boiling water to cook pasta, rice or vegetables, and preparing flasks for hot drinks on the go. It’s a good idea to buy a dedicated caravan kettle rather than having to remember to pack your home one every time you go away!

Corkscrew and tin-opener

Never leave home without these two kitchen essentials. There are other ways to open a bottle of wine that has a cork without a corkscrew, but not all of them are reliable – and some are downright dangerous! There are few things more frustrating than being parked up for the night and looking forward to a nice glass of wine with dinner, only to discover you don’t have a corkscrew. A tin-opener is another kitchen must-have, because not all cans come with a tab these days and trying to open a can without an opener can be very messy. Pack one with a bottle opener as well, so you’ll be equipped for beer or other bottled drinks that don’t have a screw-top.

Seal top containers

Always have a range of different sized plastic seal top containers to hand in the kitchen. Great for storing fresh or leftover food, sealed containers will prevent food smells permeating the relatively confined space of a caravan, and keep then from affecting other food in the fridge. Some containers can be used to warm up food in the microwave, and you can also eat out of the containers. A seal top container is ideal for marinating chicken or meat for the barbecue, or filling with tasty snacks for a day at the beach or a hiking trip.

A wok pan

A great all-rounder, the wok is the prefect go-to pan for the caravan kitchen. Its deep design is perfect for preparing a stir-fry while minimising the risk of spillage or splatter in a small kitchen. You can also use a wok for pasta dishes, cooking risotto, frying eggs, or making a sauce. A single wok can do the work of several pots and pans and helps to cut down on storage.