What stickers do I need for my caravan?

 Caravan Stickers

Under some circumstances you are required to display certain signs on your caravan. This means that your caravan will fit various legal requirements. It's always best to err on the side of caution, so if you're in any doubt whether you need a sticker - stick one on!

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Learner driver

A learner driver can legally tow a caravan, so long as they display their L plates on the back of the caravan. Normal L plates can usually be obtained from the Post Office and you can often buy them cheaply online or from a pound shop. Magnetic ones are notorious for falling off, so it's usually best to use adhesive ones.

Travelling on the continent

If you're planning to visit the continent in your caravan, you may be obliged to put certain stickers on your van.

When travelling in France, the local law dictates that local vehicles need to display stickers showing '80' and '90' if they are towing a caravan. While this doesn't apply if you're a visitor, you're less likely to get stopped if you comply with the law and it's likely to prevent fuss and having a conversation with a French road traffic officer if you just put the stickers on your vehicles. The law states that you should only do 80 km per hour on single carriageways or 90 km/h on dual carriageways and motorways. This part of the law you definitely need to comply with! Apply the '80' sticker to the bottom left hand corner of your caravan and the '90' sticker either above it or to the right of it.

If you're travelling anywhere in the EU and your caravan doesn't already have the modern Euro number plates, which feature the 12 stars with GB on them, you'll need to attach GB stickers to the rear of both your towing vehicle and your caravan.

How to remove stickers

You may wish to remove stickers that you no longer require. Some caravan owners advise using a hair dryer to soften up the glue on the sticker a little before you try to peel it off. You can also try using substances such as white spirit, WD40, GT85Tar or a 3M glue remover. It's a very good idea to test any products you use on a discreet part of your bodywork (such as underneath) just to check that it doesn't discolour the surface. Avoid using a remover tool that may dent or scratch the bodywork.