Caravan Cooking

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The easiest meals to cook in your caravan or motorhome

When you're spending quality time in your caravan or motorhome, you often want to focus on meals that require the minimum of fuel and fuss, create as little washing up as possible, and don't leave unpleasant lingering smells to spoil your living space either. But that shouldn't mean you have to compromise on taste. Here are a few great meal ideas to get you started.

Stir fry

Stir fry is quick, easy, and delicious. All major supermarkets now stock ready-cut stir fry vegetables, meaning you can spend more time eating your meal than you do preparing it. There are some top tips for making your stir fry as tasty as possible. Firstly, if you're making a noodle dish, make sure to refresh the noodles in cold water and then drain them before frying. There's nothing worse than pushing around a thick clump of dried-out noodles around a pan.

Alternatively, if you're using rice, you may find that the grains stick to the bottom of the pan or wok during heating. If this happens, don't be disheartened - just switch off the heat at the end of cooking and allow your rice to sit for a minute or two. The steam trapped inside the layers of food will start to condense, and your stir fried rice will lift right off the metal. This approach means that washing up will be a lot quicker and easier, too.

One pot dinners

One pot meals are a British institution in themselves. Even when fuel was scarce in the war years, people would make slow-cooked meals by packing straw around a hot casserole dish to trap the heat, and leaving the contents to stew. Today, you can get great use out of an electric slow cooker in your caravan or motorhome, especially if you like to come home to a ready-made, hearty meal after a long day out.

Whether you're preparing a one-pot meal on the hob, in the oven, or in a slow cooker, you don't have to limit yourself to stews and soups. A chilli is a great way of keeping yourself nice and cosy at any time of year. For the best results, fry your jalapeño peppers and your cayenne pepper power before adding your beans and tomato sauce - this releases the full flavour of the spices, rather than just their well-known heat and bitter aftertaste.

Pasta dishes

Pasta is a great option when you're spending time in a mobile home. It's fast, easy, and creates very little washing up. If you want to bring some of the outdoors in during your caravan time, why not try substituting your regular greens for nettles in your next pasta creation? Nettle tips are best foraged in early spring, and need to be blanched before adding to any dish (to get rid of their nasty sting), but otherwise they're just as good for you - and just as tasty - as spinach.

If you prefer baked pasta dishes, a great tip is to add rustically torn bits of bread with your grated cheese in the top layer of the bake. This creates a great crunch to the topping, and give the whole dish a more hearty texture.

So there you have it - spending time in a motorhome or caravan doesn't mean having to rely on ready meals or restaurants. The confines of a mobile kitchen can play host to an array of great meals that won't leave a large pile of washing up, or burn up all of your gas supply. These are just a few general ideas to get the ball rolling - if you'd like to share your own thoughts, tips, and recipes, why not leave a comment in the space below?