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Sprite Caravans - New Touring Caravans

Could there be a better feeling than spending your first night in your new Sprite caravan? For those of you who are new to caravanning, the Sprite Caravan range is perfect for getting to grips with touring holidays and down time in the great outdoors. The Swift Group has been producing caravans for over 50 years and knows exactly what families need. Sprite Caravans focus on practicality and functionality, ensuring that you will have everything close to hand when you need it most. The Sprite Freedom offers the best in affordable luxury and is perfect for those who love to spend time in natural surroundings, without having to live away from the little home comforts that mean so much. You’ll be able to browse our new Sprite caravans in confidence, as you begin to imagine where your first caravan adventure may take you!

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