Meet the Team

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Phone Call Service: 01743 617 604

Over the years, Salop Leisure has grown to be one of the largest caravan retailers in the Midlands, and that would never have been possible without the collective experience of the Salop Leisure team.

Our staff is chosen for their knowledge, flexibility and communication skills. Challenges are undertaken with enthusiasm and dedication; we value our staff and the contribution they make highly, and our low employee turnover rate further demonstrate their commitment to Salop Leisure and its continued success.

Tony Bywater-Chairman
Tony Bywater
Mark Bebb-Joint Managing Director
Mark Bebb
Joint Managing Director
Dylan  Roberts -Joint Managing Director
Dylan Roberts
Joint Managing Director
Mike  Harris -Operations Director
Mike Harris
Operations Director
Tony  Cooke -Aftersales Director
Tony Cooke
Aftersales Director
Jean  Courtney -Receptionist
Jean Courtney
Sian  Rees - Receptionist & Customer Services Co-Ordinator
Sian Rees
Receptionist & Customer Services Co-Ordinator
Kairen  Swain -Insurance Administrator
Kairen Swain
Insurance Administrator
Accounts / Insurance
Mark  Fras -Financial Controller
Mark Fras
Financial Controller
Mark  Jones -Accounts Manager
Mark Jones
Accounts Manager
Andrew  Crane -Management Accountant
Andrew Crane
Management Accountant
William  Butler -Accounts Clerk
William Butler
Accounts Clerk
Emily  Buxton -Accounts Clerk
Emily Buxton
Accounts Clerk
Morgan  Dodds -Accounts Clerk
Morgan Dodds
Accounts Clerk
Barbara Morris-Holiday Home Insurance
Barbara Morris
Holiday Home Insurance
Hope  Winchester-Accounts Clerk
Hope Winchester
Accounts Clerk
Touring Caravan and Motorhome Sales
Justin  Edwards -Touring Sales Associate Director
Justin Edwards
Touring Sales Associate Director
Stuart  Edwards -Sales Executive
Stuart Edwards
Sales Executive
Paul  Simpson -Sales Executive
Paul Simpson
Sales Executive
Nick  Jackson -Touring Sales Assistant Manager
Nick Jackson
Touring Sales Assistant Manager
George  Harris -Sales Executive
George Harris
Sales Executive
Jack  Williams -Sales Executive
Jack Williams
Sales Executive
James  Allen -Sales Executive
James Allen
Sales Executive
Pete Furber-Touring Sales - Handover team
Pete Furber
Touring Sales - Handover team
Damien Mills-Sales Executive
Damien Mills
Sales Executive
Holiday Home and Luxury Lodge Sales
Chris  Jones -Holiday Homes Retail Associate Director
Chris Jones
Holiday Homes Retail Associate Director
Dave  Attfield -Holiday Homes Trade Associate Director
Dave Attfield
Holiday Homes Trade Associate Director
Nigel  Martin -Business Development Manager
Nigel Martin
Business Development Manager
Michelle  Clarke-Area Sales Manager
Michelle Clarke
Area Sales Manager
Tanya  Bebb -Sales Executive
Tanya Bebb
Sales Executive
Lynn  Wells -Sales Executive
Lynn Wells
Sales Executive
Brian  Rogers -Sales Executive
Brian Rogers
Sales Executive
Susan  Taylor -Sales Executive
Susan Taylor
Sales Executive
Sam Griffiths-Holiday Home Sales Administrator
Sam Griffiths
Holiday Home Sales Administrator
Sarah Caro-Sales Executive
Sarah Caro
Sales Executive
Paul Shoebridge -Area Sales Manager
Paul Shoebridge
Area Sales Manager
Jenny Kier-Sales Executive
Jenny Kier
Sales Executive
Touring Caravan and Motorhome Aftersales
Viv  Jones -Insurance Controller
Viv Jones
Insurance Controller
Andy  Davis -Service Manager
Andy Davis
Service Manager
Richard  Morris -Workshop Foreman
Richard Morris
Workshop Foreman
Anne  Heap -Touring Aftersales Advisor
Anne Heap
Touring Aftersales Advisor
Sally  Matthews -Touring Aftersales Advisor
Sally Matthews
Touring Aftersales Advisor
Jordan Smedley-Assistant Manager
Jordan Smedley
Assistant Manager
Holiday Home Aftersales
Sam Richards-Holiday Home Aftersales Advisor
Sam Richards
Holiday Home Aftersales Advisor
Beth  Edwardes -Holiday Home Aftersales Advisor
Beth Edwardes
Holiday Home Aftersales Advisor
Josh Smith-Holiday Home After sales manager
Josh Smith
Holiday Home After sales manager
Jonathan Assar-Holiday Home aftersales advisor
Jonathan Assar
Holiday Home aftersales advisor
Marketing and IT
Laura Plumridge-Associate Marketing Director
Laura Plumridge
Associate Marketing Director
Ed  Glover -Marketing Manager
Ed Glover
Marketing Manager
Kevin  Courtney -Business Development Manager
Kevin Courtney
Business Development Manager
Max  Ball -Digital Media Controller
Max Ball
Digital Media Controller
Nikki  Jardine-Marketing Assistant
Nikki Jardine
Marketing Assistant
Laura Wilde-Assistant Marketing Manager
Laura Wilde
Assistant Marketing Manager
Accessory Shop
Andy  Harding -Accessory Shop Manager
Andy Harding
Accessory Shop Manager
Carl  Williams -Accessory Shop Assistant
Carl Williams
Accessory Shop Assistant
David  Watts -Accessory Shop Assistant
David Watts
Accessory Shop Assistant
Love Coffee
Sue  Oliver -Love Coffee Manager
Sue Oliver
Love Coffee Manager
Sharon  Evans -Love Coffee Assistant Manager
Sharon Evans
Love Coffee Assistant Manager
Love Plants
Tim  Robinson -Love Plants Manager
Tim Robinson
Love Plants Manager
Heather  Evans -Love Plants Assistant Manager
Heather Evans
Love Plants Assistant Manager