Caravan Storage

Touring caravans can often be an easy target for criminals when they're parked and not in use, and you certainly won't want this prized possession of yours and its valuable contents stolen almost right before your eyes. Even seemingly secure locations such as farmyards that are some distance from roads are not immune to caravan thefts, as has unfortunately been the case in recent years. Similarly, caravan alarm systems don't always act as a deterrent.

These facts are borne out by a study of 630 caravan thefts that revealed almost half of them were taken from outside people’s homes – quickly hooked up and towed away, leaving furious owners who thought they were secure bewildered when they realised what had happened. Don’t let it happen to you.

Some owners may try to reassure themselves by fitting an after theft recovery device on their caravan, but with some not activating until after a theft takes place, you're still left with the worry and trouble of locating it and getting the caravan back. It can be a costly and time-consuming endeavour.

That's why the only secure solution to your caravan-theft fears is a suitable storage site where it will be fully protected at all times and ready for use when you want it. We operate secure caravan storage in the Midlands and our site has been thoroughly inspected by the Caravan Storage Site Owners' Association ("CaSSOA") and given a Gold Award for the high level of security we have in place. We believe in providing the very best in caravan security for our customers and our on-site staff are trained to superior standards of security excellence.

It gives you great peace of mind knowing your caravan is stored away safety, and you may be able to get a substantial discount on your insurance premium as many insurers offer discounts for customers who use CaSSOA-approved sites. Plus, there's the added advantage of not clogging up your drive or other areas around your home by keeping your caravan there, and getting it out of the way and protected during the long winter months.

Our caravan storage in the Midlands is at our Shrewsbury dealership, where CCTV is in operation around the clock. An alarmed fence line also helps to keep intruders out and we have an electronic entry system in use for secure daylight access. Our customers enjoy their own dedicated pitch for their caravan and it's possible to have servicing done at the dealership, we’ll collect the caravan from the storage area and deliver it back for you at no extra cost. There is also a coin operated jet wash and vacuum for you use. Then you’re ready to go when you’re planning your next holiday or tour.

Another great asset to our storage, new for 2019 is a waste disposal point, many of our customers new or old will appreciate the fact that this is extremely useful for times when they return from their holidays and are in need.

Tyre pressures are important for all your journeys with your caravan, hence this year we have implemented a tyre pressure station. 

To find out more about securing your caravan, and to avail of some of the best caravan storage prices in the UK today, get in touch with us now and we'll be pleased to advise you further. Simply call us on the number above or contact us via email and we’ll get straight back to you. Secure your caravan when it’s not in use and protect it from criminals and you’ll have many more years of enjoyment to come.