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Some points to consider when deciding what berth caravan to go for.

Caravan Berths

This is the number of people who can sleep in the caravan. The more sleeping space you want, the larger your caravan will have to be.

How Many Berths Do You Need? 

This really depends on personal preference. Touring Caravans with more berths typically have better storage, a bigger dining area, and a significantly larger kitchen with more work areas and cupboard space. So, if you’re not into cramped spaces, a larger berth caravan could be just what you’re looking for

2 Berth Caravans

A 2 berth caravan could be the perfect choice if you're travelling alone or as a couple. It will provide everything you need for a comfortable trip, while still being lightweight and easy to tow. You'll be able to switch the front seating into a sleeping area, with the option of a double or twin beds.

4 Berth Caravans

These are just as popular with couples as 2 berth caravans. They're still quite compact but they often have the added advantage of a permanent bed at the back of the caravan.

 Every model is different but you’ll be able to select your preferred style and layout for the sleeping arrangements.

Because the bed is often fixed in a 4 berth caravan, you will save time and effort by not having to make it every night. You’ll also have the convenience of using the front sitting area as a permanent living space, which is ideal for couples who go to bed and wake up at different times.

4 to 6 Berth Caravans

4, 5 or 6 berth caravans can pretty much meet the needs of any family. If your family is larger than six, you can connect an awning to serve as an extra sleeping area or to give you more room in the living space.

Larger berth caravans offer a variety of sleeping choices, so do your research and consider which layout will work best for you and your family.

Will the adults want to use the sitting area so they can stay up later in the evenings? Would you like the children to be closer to the loo in case they need to use it at night?

Would you prefer that the kids be kept away from the bathroom so you don't disturb them when you're getting ready for bed or getting up?

Caravan Awnings

Caravan awnings are a great way of creating more space for everyone to enjoy on your caravanning holidays.

Whether you're a couple looking for a bigger dining area and more storage, or a family of four or more looking for somewhere the kids can play if it’s rainy, an awning is the perfect solution.

Awnings can also provide sleeping space if you have extra guests staying overnight or if the kids are a little older and would like their ‘own space’. 

There’s a fantastic selection of awnings available, some of which can nearly double the amount of living and sleeping space you have so they are definitely worth considering.

Things to Think About

Before deciding on the number of berths you want your caravan to have, consider whether anything is likely to happen that will mean you need a different size of caravan.

Are you planning on starting a family soon? Will you be inviting family and friends to join you on trips? These are the things to think about before you buy to make sure you get the perfect caravan the first time around.

Selecting the Best Configuration

We all need a good night’s rest, so it’s really important to get the caravan layout and configuration that’s right for you and your family. 

Don’t skimp on space because you want everyone to feel comfortable and relaxed on every trip. 

Storage Space

Be sure to choose a caravan with enough storage space for everything you like to take with you on your holidays. Although you don't want to be overloaded, you do want to be able to bring those extras that will make your trip more enjoyable – things like paddleboards, sporting equipment or photography gear.

Having enough storage is essential if you don’t want to be falling over things!

Towing a Caravan

Before you buy a caravan, check your vehicle’s towing limit. If you're new to towing a caravan, it is suggested that the weight of your caravan shouldn’t exceed 85 per cent of the weight of your car.

Learn More About Touring Caravans

We hope you found our guide to how many caravan berths you might need helpful. If you’d like more information, please contact Salop Leisure, the leading caravan dealer in the Midlands.