Do you own a touring caravan? How about a motorhome? Regardless of how you travel the countryside, you know one thing to be true: Touring Caravan insurance is a must. Rules state that while insurance for your car is a legal requirement, as a touring caravan is towed insurance isn't mandatory. But your caravan is subject to a number of risks that your car isn't, especially when out on the road.

caravan insurance

Despite your best intentions, you never know if something could go wrong with your caravan or motorhome. For example, another vehicle could strike yours as you travel down the road. Or maybe a strong storm moves through the area, causing serious damage to the exterior of your vehicle.

There are many expenses associated with owning a caravan. One of the biggest, yet most important, is caravan insurance, but it’s something you want to have at all times for your own peace of mind. 

If you are involved in an accident, if your touring caravan is damaged for any reason, you will find yourself in position to make a claim. At that point, you can work with your caravan insurance company to decide what is covered and how to move forward at that point.

Ways to save on touring Caravan insurance

The cost of insurance is enough to scare some people away from purchasing a caravan. While this is a concern for many, it’s important to note that there are things you can do to save.

Have you considered the fact that there are devices you can install to reduce the cost of insurance? These won’t completely eliminate this expense, but they can go a long way in reducing your cost and making it more affordable to get the cover you require.

If you own a motorhome, don’t hesitate to consider the benefits of a security system. This will cost some money upfront, but it will save you a lot in the long run. With this in place, your insurance company isn’t nearly as worried about your motorhome being stolen and may offer discounts for such measures.

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Here are some other devices that will reduce the cost of  caravan insurance:

1. Wheel clamps. These are put in place when a touring caravan is stationary. It only takes a few minutes to put these on, but they are nearly impossible for thieves to remove. Subsequently, it helps keep your caravan safe while also bringing down the cost of your insurance.

Priced from £70 to £200

2. Hitch lock. Are you worried about your caravan tow bar being attached to a vehicle that isn’t yours? With a hitch lock this is no longer a concern.

Note: some insurance companies require that you have a hitch lock before they provide you with cover. This is something to discuss before purchasing a policy.

Priced from £40 to £70

3. Alarm. There are many types of caravan alarms on the market, with each one providing a different level of technology.

Standard alarm features include flashing lights and sound, both of which alert others and chase thieves off. You can also consider those that are more advanced, such as an alarm that can be armed and disarmed from your smartphone.

Priced from £50 to £400

4. Tracker. Also known as a tag, this allows police to detect the exact location of your caravan or motorhome. By doing so, they are often able to recover it before any damage is done.

If you install a tracker, you can expect your caravan insurance premium to decrease.

Priced from £40 to £200 plus annual subscription

5. Corner steady leg locks. When your caravan is stationary, you can use corner steady leg locks to improve safety and security. Thieves will find it next to impossible to make off with your unit if corner steady leg locks are installed.

Priced from £20 to £50

6. Mule. What would happen if a thief attempts to tow away your caravan? If you don’t have any security features in place, they could make off with it. A mule is nothing more than an angled leg that digs into the ground should somebody try to pull it away.

Priced from £25 to £50

7. Window locks. Often found on static caravans, window locks provide an added layer of security. You don’t want anybody to gain access to your caravan through a window, so this is a security feature you want to consider. Most insurance companies offer a discount if window locks are installed. 

Priced from £5 to £15

Other Security Devices

There are other security devices often recognised by insurance companies, all of which could lead to a reduced premium. These include:

  • Locking wheel nuts.
  • SmartWater security system.
  • Micro tag security, such as Stop-theft or CRiS.

Contact a touring caravan insurance company

Before you purchase a caravan or motorhome, contact an insurance company to receive a quote and learn more about the devices that can save you money. This gives you a clear idea of ways you can save from day one.

Do you already have a caravan or motorhome? In this case, don’t wait around to contact your insurer to discuss the many ways to receive a discount. They should be able to provide you with a list of devices to reduce the cost of cover. At that point, you can answer questions such as:

·      Which devices make the most sense to install?

·      What are the benefits of each device, in addition to insurance savings?

·      What is the process of installing each device?

·      How much money can you save with each device?

Tip: if you install a security device, such as one of those detailed above, make sure you tell your insurance company about it. If they don’t know about the device they cannot provide a discount.

Look for Every Way to Save

Owning a caravan or motorhome can be a lot of fun. If you want to avoid some of the stress associated with ownership, make sure you have a comprehensive insurance policy in place.

This is an expense you should not avoid, but you can save money by installing a variety of security devices.

Do you have any other advice for saving on the cost of motorhome or caravan insurance? Share your ideas in the comment section below.