Solar is one of the cheapest methods to charge a caravan’s battery. After the initial outlay, a solar panel won’t burden your wallet any further. Here we review a folding caravan solar panel and check what you get for your investment.

Video Transcription

Hello, and welcome to another edition of Caravan Friday. Today, we're going to be talking about fold-up solar panels.

Let me introduce the 40-watt Fold-up Solar Panel from Solar Technology. Solar Technology is one of the more premium brands of folding solar panel. The big beauty of a folding panel: it's totally portable, so you can move it outside the van or around to focus on the sun. It will work in moderate as well as strong light, thanks to its top-quality crystalline cell.

The panels come complete and ready-fitted with charge controller to stop any reverse feed. It also comes with an indicator here which will show you the percentage of battery charge. And also a light there which will also tell you when you're catching the sun.

It comes with all the necessary connections and leaves to allow you to easily connect it to your caravan, so you would have a connection of crocodile clips to go directly to the battery. Or a 12-volt plug which will allow you to back-feed it back through the system.

As I said previously, it's one of the premium panels, so the crystalline cell actually comes with a 20-year warranty. And the panel itself comes with a 10-year warranty.

The 40-watt panel will allow you to use your television for three hours, use your water pump and also your lights inside the caravan. There's also a 60-watt unit available, which will give you the same as the lights and the water pump, but it will give you an extra hour on television, so four hours use. And then you've got a 90-watt panel, which will give you five hours use on the television, but also your internal 12-volt for things like water pump and lights.

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