Used Touring Caravans for sale

Travel is one of the greatest ways to grow and develop as a person, so it stands to reason that the more you see, the richer life is. Seeing the world on your own terms is as fulfilling as it is liberating. That’s why caravans are such an attractive way to travel. If you’re ready to take the first step in purchasing a caravan, Salop Leisure will take you through all the options on offer so you’ll feel confident when you’re choosing the right touring caravan for you. With used caravans offering amazing value for money, you might also find that your travel dreams are fast becoming a reality. Salop Leisure are fully committed to helping their customers navigate the wide choice of new and used caravans on offer. With years of experience and advice to share, Salop Leisure is not just another auto trader, but a dedicated specialist.

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Used Touring Caravans-Swift Sienna 4SB
Swift Sienna 4SB
Used Touring Caravans-Swift Elegance 645
Swift Elegance 645
Used Touring Caravans-Sprite Major 6 TD
Sprite Major 6 TD
Used Touring Caravans-Sterling Eccles 590
Sterling Eccles 590
Used Touring Caravans-Swift Challenger 480
Swift Challenger 480
Used Touring Caravans-Swift Elegance 565
Swift Elegance 565
Price on request
Used Touring Caravans-Swift Conqueror 580
Swift Conqueror 580
Price on request
Used Touring Caravans-Swift Conqueror 650
Swift Conqueror 650
Used Touring Caravans-Bailey Ranger 500/5
Bailey Ranger 500/5
Price on request
Used Touring Caravans-Sprite Quattro EW
Sprite Quattro EW
Used Touring Caravans-Swift Conqueror 570
Swift Conqueror 570