New Touring Caravans for sale

There’s nothing like waking from a great night’s slumber, throwing open the door and stepping straight outside, into the glorious natural world. With the sound of birdsong in the air, the warmth of the early morning sun and a stunning vista that stretches out for miles, this amazing wake up is just one of the benefits of travelling with touring caravans. If you love to get to grips with your surroundings and want to get closer to nature than you ever can in a hotel, then the range of new caravans on offer at Salop Leisure will hit the spot. With one of the largest ranges of touring caravans in the Midlands to choose from, you’ll be able to satisfy your wanderlust and make the most of your leisure time. With a purpose-built showroom in Shrewsbury, Shropshire, Salop is also an authorised Swift, Sprite & Sterling touring caravan and motorhome dealer.

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New Touring Caravans-Swift Challenger X 850
Swift Challenger X 850
New Touring Caravans-Swift Eccles 560
Swift Eccles 560
New Touring Caravans-Swift Eccles 580
Swift Eccles 580
New Touring Caravans-Swift Eccles 650
Swift Eccles 650
New Touring Caravans-Swift Eccles X 865
Swift Eccles X 865
New Touring Caravans-Swift Eccles X 850
Swift Eccles X 850
New Touring Caravans-Swift Elegance 530
Swift Elegance 530
New Touring Caravans-Swift Elegance 580
Swift Elegance 580
New Touring Caravans-Sprite Alpine 2
Sprite Alpine 2