Updated 27th May 2020

Salop Leisure & Covid-19  

We all recognise that until a vaccine is developed there will be a requirement for continued measures to prevent the spread of the virus.

Social distancing measures will be in place at all Salop Leisure dealerships along with contact reducing measures, for protection of you & our employees. As a socially responsible organisation and a passionate flag bearer for the caravan industry changes to the customer experience when purchasing a caravan or motorhome are needed until a vaccine has been developed and available to everyone.

With this in mind, and most importantly with the health and wellbeing of our customers and staff paramount, below is our policy and detail of our virus specific risk assessment and the measures to be taken.

Objectives of Covid-19 Policy & Risk Assessment

  • Ensure a safe environment for employees, customers and other visitors to the premises
  • Provide reassurance to employees and customers that appropriate steps have been taken to maintain a clean and safe environment
  • Demonstrate to all stakeholders that Salop Leisure is prepared for any easement/adaptation of existing coronavirus safety measures

As required by Government guidance, we will undertake a full risk assessment to put in measures and safeguards appropriate for our premises.

Scope of Considerations

We will continue to determine who should return to work and when in light of ongoing and changing government guidance, as well as existing legal health & safety obligations to ensure necessary support for any individuals with special circumstances, i.e. employees who classify as ‘high risk’. NB working from home if at all possible remains Government’s advice.

We will ensure clear messaging for staff and customers – online and on arrival – communication is essential – see below.

We have clearly set out the experience customers will have on site and what needs there are for staff, including training.

Protocols for all deliveries to site, by 3rd party or other have been considered.

We have a clear policy and process to deal with staff or customers displaying symptoms on site and clear policies on shielding of vulnerable staff or, in the event, customers. There are also needs for appropriate protocols for suppliers – inbound and outbound deliveries in accordance with Government guidelines

There must be clear communication to customers, employees and other visitors to site. This will need to be done in advance of any return to work or visit to the premises. 

Colleagues will be briefed ahead of re-opening or returning to work on new procedures – online and through other communication as appropriate and appropriate training provided to colleagues before reopening and also in the event of guidance changing/evolving. Communication should be given to customers ahead of their visit on what to expect – eg online, and in any marketing materials, on arrival along with signage and posters in place to remind customers to observe social distancing measures, markers in place, as necessary, to direct customers on where to go and 2m distancing etc along with posters in appropriate areas providing guidance on use of sanitisers, hygiene and all facilities etc.

Measures for Considerations

Social Distancing

i.                     Provide clear guidance to customers and staff - signs, markers, posters – regarding the need to maintain 2m social distancing, wherever possible, in line with government guidance

ii.                   Introduce one-way systems for entrance and exits, i.e. door and corridor markers

iii.                 Consider staff transport issues especially if car sharing or using public transport

iv.                 Implement process to manage “walk ins” to ensure social distancing

v.                   Avoid any bottlenecks either on arrival or on premises.

vi.                 Provide guidance on greetings – zero contact i.e. no handshakes, elbow bumping etc.

vii.                Maintain social distancing throughout premises (i.e. showrooms, technical sites, office spaces, waiting areas, toilets etc.). Where this is not possible, consider what additional steps are required

viii.              Careful management of sales staff with customers – request customers only attend in small groups (e.g. no more than two persons, wherever possible)

ix.                  Minimise off-site journeys for all staff and limits to on-site access

x.                   Test Drives - No accompanied test drives – trade plate usage permitted

xi.                  Workshop distancing – consider flexible hours, a drop box for caravan/motorhome keys, restrictions of access

xii.                Office and other area – consider layout, avoid face to face configuration, no desk sharing, avoid touching/ sharing the same objects or equipment where possible

xiii.              Toilets and other communal areas – clear guidance on social distancing measures, remove newspapers, magazines, vending machines etc.

xiv.              Cessation of other complimentary services e.g. removal of children’s play areas


Sanitisation and Hygiene

i.                     Clear guidance for employees and customers on hygiene for people, property and caravans

ii.                   Regular sanitisation of all facilities, surfaces etc. including, but not limited to: smart phones, desk phones, printers, payment devices, computers, door handles, intercoms etc.

iii.                 Ensure sanitising hand gel is available at entry points, desks, service areas, waiting area, toilets

iv.                 Recommended - liquid soaps (not solid soaps), disposable paper towels instead of hand dryers

v.                    No provision of refreshments to customers until wider lockdown measures released (e.g. coffee shops open); then single use items only

vi.                 Regular cleaning / disinfecting of tooling pre and post use, keys, pens etc.

vii.                 Regular cleaning / disinfecting of caravans - clean the contact surfaces in the unit interior after each inspection or use disposable protective covering to all contact points.

viii.               Showroom and display units to be locked and protocols introduced for moving and viewing

ix.                  Ventilation of premises and caravans – maximise ventilation of the premises, wherever possible. Ventilate caravans after each viewing and before any delivery / handover


Use of Protective Personal Equipment (PPE)

i.                     Consider what, if any, appropriate PPE and materials is to be made available to customers on arrival

ii.                   Drivers to be provided with, and advised of appropriate use of, equipment and sanitisation products when undertaking a delivery

iii.                 Provision of appropriate PPE to staff if social distancing and other measures cannot be maintained.

iv.                 Consider utilisation of clear glass/Perspex screens between customers and employees, or between employees, if appropriate (NB if social distancing measures cannot be maintained)

v.                   Consider temperature checks for employees prior to the start of work

vi.                 Disposable covers in workshops to be considered


Digital and other additional mechanisms

i.                     Maximise online presence – clearly communicate the consumer experience being offered

ii.                   Strongly advise the use of appointments for sales and aftersales (NB flexibility for emergencies)

iii.                 Removal of all physical material – e.g. brochures, magazines, newspapers

iv.                 Utilisation of live (e.g. pre-visit video calls) and recorded video technology for brochures, caravan demonstrations and handover guidance

v.                   Online Sales – customer collections (so called ‘click and collect’).

vi.                 Collection and delivery service (from / to a customer’s address) for Aftersales and sales if appropriate (local discretion)

vii.                Part Exchange – use digital technology and follow all social distance, sanitisation and PPE guidance as appropriate

viii.              Use electronic payments only (e.g. credit card, bank transfers)

ix.                  Use of digital signatures and paperwork if possible but if unavoidable, avoid sharing pens or hard copy documents

x.                   Clear protocol for inbound and outbound goods (drivers to stay in vehicles, limit interactions)

xi.                  Assess workforce rotas and shift operation (pairing system if appropriate) to limit interaction.

xii.                Encourage online “virtual” meetings rather than face to face

xiii.              Be mindful of the differing needs of your workforce and consider any measures that may need to be put in place to support certain individuals to help prevent accidental discrimination, i.e. reasonable and necessary adjustments for disabled workers


Please click here to download our Covid-19 Risk Assessment.



Updated 12th May 2020

We are pleased to announce that Love Plants, Salop Leisure is able to re-open its doors again from 9 am Wednesday 13th May 2020 following changes to the lockdown delivered from the Government. 

In preparation for opening and to protect you whilst visiting, we have made some changes to the Salop Leisure premises in order that we can adhere to the 2-metre social distancing measures and keep our customers and staff as safe as possible.  Screens, similar to those in supermarkets are at payment tills and reception areas and our sales advisors will be adopting larger workspace areas to safely help you with purchasing information and enquiries.  Our caravan engineers and customer service staff will be taking staggered breaks, so please bear with us if you are waiting longer than normal for service enquiries.

Please be assured that we have reviewed the safe trading guidelines from all governing bodies and have ensured regular cleaning procedures are in place throughout the business. 

When you arrive you’ll see easy to follow directional signage and sanitiser for hands, trolleys and baskets are available at all entrances and exits.

We are extremely grateful for all your support over the last couple of months and we look forward to welcoming you back.

Updated 8th April 2020

Message from Tony Bywater (MBE), Chairman, Salop Leisure Limited, update on the COVID-19 outbreak


The COVID-19 pandemic is unprecedented in its scale and the challenges it presents.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims and families of all those affected, and with the health and essential workers battling this pandemic.

I'm often asked:  What is Salop Leisure's top priority during this time? The answer is the health, safety and wellbeing of our employees, customers, partners and people around us. That's our number one priority.

From the outset, we established a small team to monitor the situation, respond quickly and act appropriately, adhering to the advice of governments and local authorities.

As a socially responsible company, we have a role to play in helping contain the virus.  Therefore, our physical showrooms in Shrewsbury, Machynlleth & Stourport will remain temporarily closed until the end of the shutdown period. (This includes our Love2Stay resort in Shrewsbury)

Where we can, we're helping.

If you have a question, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you, take care and stay safe.

Best regards,

Tony Bywater (MBE)



Updated 24th March

The health and welfare of our employees and customers remains our priority and as such we have taken the decision to suspend all of our business activities with immediate effect. Our planned return to work remains uncertain, subject to the proposed 3 week review from the government and further advice. Our offices are now closed and all services suspended.

Below may answer some queries, however if you require further information, Please email info@salopleisure.co.uk and we will aim to respond within 24 hrs. If your enquiry is urgent please call 07487539551.

Retail divisions

The following retail divisions are closed until further notice

  • LoveCoffee coffeeshop
  • Love plants
  • Accessory and Awning shop

Touring Caravan and Motorhome Repairs and Servicing

Our Touring caravan and motorhome servicing and repairs department is closed. Please see addition information below

Your caravan is with us and you have a query or need to gain access to it.

Please email info@salopleisure.co.uk with your name and a contact telephone number and someone will contact you.

Your service is booked for a future date and you have not been contacted by us.

It is unlikely that we can give you confirmation that your service will go ahead at this time, however please be assured that we will contact you as soon as we are able to re-open and confirm the date.

You would like to book a service with us for the future

Please visit https://www.salopleisure.co.uk/caravan-service/ and complete your details

Touring caravan and motorhome purchase

You have purchased a touring caravan and you are unsure about collection

Please email info@salopleisure.co.uk with your name and a contact telephone number and someone will contact you.

You have left a deposit on a caravan but have not paid the balance

Don’t worry – we will hold the caravan for you until we are able to re-open. At this point the sales person will be in touch to arrange completing the purchase

You would like to reserve a caravan you have seen on our website

Our full product catalogue can be found at https://www.salopleisure.co.uk/catalogue/new-touring-caravans. Should you have any queries or enquires on any models please email paul.simpson@salopleisure.co.uk

Holiday Homes Repairs and Servicing

Our Holiday homes servicing and repairs department is closed. Please see addition information below

An Engineer visit is scheduled for my Caravan

Currently our engineers are unable to visit parks, and at present we are unable to offer an alternative date; however please be assured that we will contact you as soon as we are able to re-open and confirm a revised visit.

You would like to book a service with us for the future

Please email info@salopleisure.co.uk with your name and details of you caravan and park and someone will contact you.

Holiday Home Purchase

You have purchased a holiday home and you are unsure about delivery

Please email info@salopleisure.co.uk with your name and a contact telephone number and someone will contact you.

You have left a deposit on a caravan but have not paid the balance

Don’t worry – we will hold the caravan for you until we are able to re-open. At this point the sales person will be in touch to arrange completing the purchase

You would like to reserve a caravan you have seen on our website

Our full product catalogue can be found at https://www.salopleisure.co.uk/catalogue/new-holiday-caravans. Should you have any queries or enquires on any models please email laura.plumridge@salopleisure.co.uk


In order to enhance security at this time, we have taken the precaution of deactivating all access fobs. We have some provision in place should you need to remove your caravan or motorhome, or return it, however we will require 48 hrs advance notice to enable this. Please contact Richard Morris on 07803 290671 to arrange. Please note that this is an emergency service only and we ask you not to expose our staff by using it for non essential visits.


Rebooking/Cancellation Policy Changes

We are temporarily adjusting our cancellation policies to allow for flexibility and to support you during these uncertain times.
All reservations that are scheduled for arrival before April 30th, 2020, can be changed to any time within the calendar year and if you wish to cancel, a full refund will be issued. Please email info@love2stay.co.uk with any queries

Salop Caravan Sites and Bywater Leisure Parks

ALL Salop Caravans Sites and Bywater Leisure Parks are closed until such time is safe to re-open.

If you have any questions about an upcoming reservation for one of our touring parks or you are a private owner please contact us directly on 01743 830998. Please note we are experiencing high call volumes. We appreciate your patience as we work continuously to support you all at this time.

We would like to thank you for your support and wish you all the very best at this time. We look forward to welcoming you back at Salop Leisure soon.