Used Static Caravans for sale

Having somewhere to escape to is one of life’s greatest pleasures. Home is wonderful but it’s important to have somewhere else that you can call your own. Static caravans offer you the opportunity to create a little piece of heaven that’s just for you on one of the many caravan parks all across the UK. Whether you’re craving a sea view or just want to get away from it all in some of the most iconic countryside in the world, caravans are a great way to while away your days. If you are beginning your search for a used static caravan, Salop Leisure have a stunning range of new caravans to choose from, including Carnaby, Willerby, ABI and Swift. Salop are also proud to showcase the largest choice of used caravans for sale in the Midlands and are dedicated to helping their customers find the right match for them.

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Used Static Caravans-BK Sheraton
BK Sheraton
Used Static Caravans-Atlas Debonair
Atlas Debonair
Used Static Caravans-Willerby Wrekin
Willerby Wrekin
Used Static Caravans-ABI Roselle
ABI Roselle
Was £16,995
You save £995
Used Static Caravans-BK Seville
BK Seville
Used Static Caravans-ABI Highlander
ABI Highlander
Used Static Caravans-BK Bluebird Sheraton
BK Bluebird Sheraton
39'x12.5' 2 bedroom This model with two bedrooms has an extended open plan lounge that exudes warmth and makes it a truly welcoming space.
Used Static Caravans-Willerby Cottage
Willerby Cottage
Used Static Caravans-Atlas Debonair
Atlas Debonair
Used Static Caravans-Swift Burgundy
Swift Burgundy
Used Static Caravans-Pemberton Elite
Pemberton Elite
Used Static Caravans-Willerby Vogue
Willerby Vogue